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2009-09-08Designed Assembly of Uniform-sized Nanoparticles and their Multifunctional Biomedical ApplicationsAn, Kwangjin; 현택환CONFERENCE28
2005-08-24Fabrication of nanostructured novel carbon materials for electrochemical applicationsAn, Kwangjin; 박원철; 박종남; 유태경; 현택환CONFERENCE35
2005-08-24Generalized and Large-scale Synthesis of Uniform-sized Nanocrystals and NanorodsAn, Kwangjin; 박종남; 유정호; 유태경; 주진; 현택환CONFERENCE47
2005-10-30Generalized and Large-Scale Synthesis of Uniform-Sized Nanocrystals and NanorodsAn, Kwangjin; 박종남; 유정호; 유태경; 주진; 현택환CONFERENCE32
2010-08-24Large-scale Soft Colloidal Template Synthesis of 1.4 nm-thick CdSe NanosheetsSon, Jae Sung; 현택환CONFERENCE35
2011-04-28Large-Scale Synthesis and Characterization of the Size-Dependent Thermoelectric Properties of Uniformly Sized Bismuth NanocrystalsSon, Jae Sung; 현택환CONFERENCE37
2010-08-18Large-scale Synthesis of 1.4 nm-thick CdSe NanosheetsSon, Jae Sung; 현택환CONFERENCE23
2011-08-25Large-scale synthesis of colloidal Bi and Bi2Te3 nanocrystals and their thermoelectric applicationsSon, Jae Sung; 박건수; 최문기; 현택환CONFERENCE28
2006-05-17Large-scale Synthesis of Monodisperse Nanocrystals of Ferrites and Oxides and their Biomedical ApplicationsAn, Kwangjin; 김재윤; 나현빈; 박종남; 현택환CONFERENCE28
2007-10-18Manganese Oxide (MnO) Nanocrystals as a new MRI T1 contrast agentAn, Kwangjin; 나현빈; 현택환CONFERENCE24
2008-10-30Manganese Oxide (MnO) Nanocrystals as a T1 MRI contrast agentAn, Kwangjin; 나현빈; 박용일; 현택환CONFERENCE23
2007-05-19Manganese Oxide (MnO) Nanoparticles As a New T1 Contrast Agent for MRIAn, Kwangjin; 김선옥; 김성태; 나현빈; 박용일; 이인수; 이정희; 현택환CONFERENCE29
2007-09-07Manganese Oxide (MnO) Nanoparticles Enhanced MRI of Mouse Body and Metastatic Brain TumorAn, Kwangjin; 김성태; 나현빈; 박용일; 이인수; 이정희; 임근호; 현택환CONFERENCE27
2005-08-24Multigram-scale synthesis of hexagonal pyramid-shaped ZnO nanocrystalsAn, Kwangjin; 김응규; 박종남; 이노현; 최상현; 현택환CONFERENCE35
2005-09-25Preparation of nanostructured novel carbon material and its application as efficient platinum support for methanol electrochemical oxidationAn, Kwangjin; 박원철; 박종남; 유태경; 현택환CONFERENCE38
2009-04-16Simple and Generalized Synthesis of Oxide-Metal Heterostructured Nanoparticles and their Applications in Multimodal Biomedical ProbesAn, Kwangjin; 나현빈; 현택환CONFERENCE29
2007-05-23Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Uniform-sized Nanoparticles and Nanoporous MaterialsAn, Kwangjin; 김재윤; 나현빈; 현택환CONFERENCE30
2009-11-30Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles of CoO, MnO, and Hollow OxidesAn, Kwangjin; 현택환CONFERENCE23
2004-10-03Synthesis of Monodisperse Magnetic Nanoparticles and Uniform-sized Magnetic NanorodsAn, Kwangjin; 강은애; 박종남; 이은웅; 현택환; 황농문CONFERENCE36
2010-10-13Synthesis of Two-dimensional Ultrathin CdSe NanocrystalsSon, Jae Sung; 현택환CONFERENCE22
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26