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2016-02-24Analysis of Delay Time Distribution for Argon Plasma Discharge Using a Sub-THz Gyrotron김동성; 김성국; Ashwini Sawant; 유동호; 최문석; 최은미CONFERENCE43
2018-08-23Design and Operation of a second harmonic dual mode gyrotron for OAM beam generationSawant, Ashwini; 최문석; 이인근; 최은미CONFERENCE57
2018-08-25Design Study of Two-Plane Focusing Periodic Permanent Magnet For a 300 GHz Sheet-Beam Traveling-Wave Tube최원진; 이인근; 최은미CONFERENCE42
2017-08-24Design, Fabrication and Test of a Sine Waveguide Circuit for a 300 GHz Traveling-Wave Tube최원진; 이인근; 최은미CONFERENCE36
2016-06-16Friis transmission 이론을 이용한 실시간 고출력 RF 파워 측정방법김성국; 김정호; 김동성; 최은미CONFERENCE37
2018-10-26Improved dielectric resonator method using a TE01 mode to determine the dielectric constant at high frequencies최은미; 최홍은; 최원진; 한태규CONFERENCE85
2018-08-25Improved dielectric resonator method using a TE01 mode to determine the dielectric constant at high frequency최홍은; 최원진; 최은미CONFERENCE42
2018-10-28Magnetic Focusing System for 300 GHz Sheet Electron Beam Traveling-Wave Tube Using Periodic Permanent Magnet최원진; 이인근; 최은미CONFERENCE75
2017-08-24Nano-CNC machining of a Folded-Waveguide Slow-Wave Structure for sub-THz Traveling-Wave Tube이인근; 최원진; 신진우; 최은미CONFERENCE41
2017-08-24Reduction of fundamental mode competition in 400 GHz second harmonic GyrotronSawant, Ashwini; 최은미CONFERENCE41
2018-02-21Time-Dependent Code Development for Gyrotron DesignSawant, Ashwini; 이인근; 최문석; 최은미CONFERENCE43
2014-04-24공진기 고차모드 발생장치최은미; 최문석; 김광훈; 울산과학기술원Patent635
2017-06-08나노 CNC 가공기를 이용한 Y 주파수 대역 Folded Waveguide 제작 및 평가이인근; 최원진; 최은미CONFERENCE51
2018-09마이크로 공정을 이용한 테라헤르츠 첨단 진공 소자 개발 현황 및 향후 전망이인근; 최은미ARTICLE293
2016-06-09자가 발진 Y 주파수대역 Folded waveguide Traveling wave tube 개발 연구이인근; 최원진; 최은미CONFERENCE51
2016-06-09플라즈마 방전 현상을 이용한 방사능 물질 원격 탐사 기법김동성; 유동호; Sawant, Ashwini; 최문석; 최은미CONFERENCE50
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16