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2010-06-041 Dimensional Fe2O3 Photoanode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting전휘찬; Lee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김재영; 홍석준CONFERENCE50
2010-10-211-D Nanoporous Iron Oxide Structure for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production전휘찬; Lee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김재영; 홍석준CONFERENCE45
2009-10-22CNT-modified Iron Oxide Electrode for PEC Application김재영; Lee, Jae Sung; 전휘찬CONFERENCE32
2007-04-19Development of Novel Band-Engineered Zn(Nb1-xVx)2O6 Solid solutions for the Photocatalytic Hydrogen/Oxygen ProductionLee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김현규; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE26
2007-04-19Development of novel oxide solid solution as the band-engineered photocatalystLee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김현규; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE23
2007-04-19Electronic Band Structure and Photocatalytic Activity of Rh-doped SrTiO3Lee, Jae Sung; 배상원; 장점석; 장지욱; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE27
2010-10-21Highly Ordered Nanoporous MTiO3 (M=Pb, Ba, Sr) Array film from anodic Titanate임바드로; Lee, Jae Sung; 전휘찬CONFERENCE26
2010-10-21Multi Wall Carbon Nanotube-modified Iron Oxide Electrode for Photoelectrochemical Application김재영; Lee, Jae Sung; 전휘찬; 홍석준CONFERENCE28
2007-04-19Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Properties of Monoclinic Tungsten OxideLee, Jae Sung; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE37
2007-10-26Photoelectrochemical cell using surfactant combined tungsten species synthesized by hydrothermal methodBorse, PH; Lee, Jae Sung; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE25
2008-10-22Preparation and Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Nanostructured WO3 Film with High ActivityLee, Jae Sung; 전휘찬; 홍석준CONFERENCE19
2007-10-26Study of Dual Bed System for Photocatalytic Water Splitting ReactionLee, Jae Sung; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE19
2006-04-20Ta and Nb-based perovskite oxynitride: synthesis and characterizationsLee, Jae Sung; 배상원; 장점석; 전휘찬; 지상민; 홍석준CONFERENCE28
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13