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2019-122차원 표면조도가 있는 난류 평면 Couette-Poiseuille 유동에 대한 직접수치모사김정현; 이영모; 이재화ARTICLE140
2018-04-20Comparison of drag reduction between turbulent pipe and channel flows over superhydrophobic surfaces임형재; 이재화CONFERENCE25
2016-12-16Couette 유동 내의 난류응집구조김정훈; 이재화CONFERENCE31
2018-04-20Direct numerical simulation of Couette-Poiseuille flow황준혁; 이재화CONFERENCE28
2018-08-22Direct numerical simulation of plane Couette-Poiseuille flow with rod-roughened wall김정현; 이영모; 이재화CONFERENCE37
2018-08-22Direct numerical simulations of rod-roughened turbulent boundary layers with varying roughness height최윤경; 황현규; 이영모; 이재화CONFERENCE35
2018-12-14Direct numerical simulations of rod-roughened turbulent boundary layers: Effects of roughness heights최윤경; 황현규; 이영모; 이재화CONFERENCE31
2018-11-02Dynamic mixed models for large eddy simulation of transitional flow이영모; 황현규; 이재화CONFERENCE36
2016-12-02Interaction of a flexible flag with the vortex of two side-by-side flags정영달; 이재화CONFERENCE25
2016-08-10Interaction of a flexible flag with the wake of two side-by-side flags정영달; 이재화CONFERENCE21
2018-08-22Large eddy simulation of iced multi-element airfoil이영모; 이재화; 로렌스 프린스 라즈; 명노신CONFERENCE37
2017-12-01Numerical investigation of movaing wall effects in the turbulent channel flow황준혁; 이재화CONFERENCE20
2019-09RANS와 LES를 이용한 Ridge Iced 에어포일 유동장에 관한 전산해석조제현; 프린스 라즈 로렌스 라즈; 이영모; 이재화; 명노신ARTICLE143
2018-08-22Simulation of flexible foils propelled between walls정영달; 이재화CONFERENCE23
2015-05-01Structures over turbulent boundary layer with rod-roughened wall이재화; 김정훈CONFERENCE32
2018-08-22Turbulence characteristics of Couette-Poiseuille flow황준혁; 이재화CONFERENCE30
2016-08-10Turbulent drag reduction in channel and pipe flows over super-hydrophobic surfaces임형재; 이재화CONFERENCE38
2016-04-29Turbulent skin-friction drag reduction in channel flow using wall shear-free control김정훈; 이재화CONFERENCE29
2018-04-19Vortex interactions between two tandem self-propelled flexible foils between the walls정영달; 이재화CONFERENCE21
2018-08-22Vortex wakes of a flapping foil in a viscous uniform flow김민제; 이재화CONFERENCE26
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33