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2018-11-163D pyrolyzed multiscale carbon electrodes for use as bio/gas sensors이종민; Sharma, Deepti; 김수성; 이승욱; 김태중; 신흥주CONFERENCE35
2017-11-16A circumferentially CuO nano-flake forest selectively grown on a suspended carbon nanowire for use as gas sensing platforms임영진; 이승욱; 권용민; 백정민; 신흥주CONFERENCE21
2018-04-06A highly sensitive gas sensor based on CuO nanoflakes circumferentially grown on a suspended carbon nanowire임영진; 이승욱; 권영민; 백정민; 신흥주CONFERENCE24
2018-05-24A wide-range H2 sensor based on a suspended carbon nanomesh functionalized with Pd nanoparticles이승욱; 임영진; 신흥주CONFERENCE20
2017-05-25Bismuth coated nanoporous carbon microelectrode based heavy metal sensor김수성; 신흥주CONFERENCE17
2017-11-16Bismuth-coated nanoporous carbon microelectrode for use as heavy metal sensor김수성; 임영진; 신흥주CONFERENCE14
2016-12-14Carbon-MEMS for use as 3D micro/nano-fabrication technologies신흥주CONFERENCE9
2017-05-25Electrochemical biosensor platform based on a 3D sandwich set of carbon electrodesSharma, Deepti; 이종민; 신흥주CONFERENCE14
2017-03-31Electrochemical-Enzymatic-Redox-Cycling-Based Glucose Sensor Fabricated Using Nanoporous Carbon Microelectrode임영진; Sharma, Deepti; 신흥주CONFERENCE14
2016-04-08Hydrogen gas sensor based on a suspended carbon nanowire selectively decorated with palladium nanoparticles서준영; 임영진; 신흥주CONFERENCE21
2017-04-21Hydrogen sensor based self-heating: an array of single suspended carbon nanowires decorated with palladium nanoparticles서준영; 신흥주CONFERENCE15
2018-04-12Low-power-consumption gas sensor based on suspended carbon nano-heater임영진; 김태중; 권영민; 백정민; 이윤식; 신흥주CONFERENCE22
2016-04-09Mixed-scale PMMA channel networks fabricated by nanoimprint using a monolithic carbon mold홍지수; 신흥주CONFERENCE15
2016-04-08Nanoporous carbon electrode with sponge-like networks for electrochemical supercapacitors임영진; 주상훈; 신흥주CONFERENCE19
2017-05-25Precise and efficient single microparticle entrapment in 3D microfunnels via diffusiophoresis홍지수; 김범상; 신흥주CONFERENCE16
2017-03-31Rapid thermal process induced enhancement of electrical/electrochemical properties of pyrolyzed carbon nanowires임영진; 권순용; 신흥주CONFERENCE15
2018-04-07Selective particle entrapment using diffusiophoresis in a mixed-scale polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) channel network김범상; 신흥주CONFERENCE15
2017-04-20Suspended carbon nanowire based gas sensor신흥주; 임영진; 서준영CONFERENCE17
2018-04-12Suspended metal-oxide nanowire based gas sensors fabricated at a wafer level신흥주; 임영진; 권영민; 백정민CONFERENCE17
2017-03-30Suspended Pd nanoparticle/carbon nanowire based hydrogen gas sensor with self-heating based high performances서준영; 임영진; 신흥주CONFERENCE17
Showing results 1 to 20 of 37