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2020-11-19A Biomimetic Superoxide Disproportionation Catalyst for Anti-Aging Lithium-Oxygen Batteries황치현; 송현곤CONFERENCE27
2019-04-26A Chemically and Electrochemically Bifunctional Mobile Catalyst for Anti-aging Lithium-Oxygen Batteries김종학; 황치현; 정진현; 송현곤CONFERENCE63
2018-11-01A metal-ion-chelating organogel electrolyte for Le Chatelier depression of Mn3+ disproportionation of lithium manganese oxide spinel조윤교; 송현곤CONFERENCE42
2018-05-24A multifunctional organogel electrolyte characterized by in situ thermal gelation송현곤CONFERENCE26
2010-04-08A redox-active dye based on 2,2’-azino-bisbenzothiazoline containing 2,5-liknked polyprrole backboneYang, Changduk; Cheedarala, Ravi Kumar; 송현곤CONFERENCE35
2017-04-06Amphi-redox Lithium Ion Battery전유주; 노현국; 송현곤CONFERENCE46
2016-01-20Anode active material for lithium secondary battery, manufacturing method thereof, and lithium secondary battery including same박수진; 송현곤; 조재필Patent912
2015-08-04Block copolymer for manufacturing nanowire and method for manufacturing thereof박수진; 조재필; 송현곤; 방병만Patent735
2017-05-18Conductive and Porous Silicon Nanowire Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries.송현곤CONFERENCE21
2017-04-19Curvature-induced metal-support interaction of an islands-by-islands composite of platinum catalyst and carbon nano-onion for durable oxygen reduction양주찬; 송현곤CONFERENCE37
2016-04-20Dependency of electrochemical performances of silicon lithium ion batteries on glycosidic linkages of polysaccharide binders황치현; 송현곤CONFERENCE64
2018-11-01Energy harvesting and storage in indoor light using dye-sensitized solar battery (DSSB)이명희; 김병만; 권태혁; 송현곤CONFERENCE43
2017-04-19Graphene-wrapped Porous Sb Anodes for Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Batteries by Mechanochemical Compositing and Metallomechanical Reduction of Sb2O3황치현; 양주찬; 송현곤CONFERENCE47
2017-04-06Metal-chelating organogel electrolyte for lithium ion batteries조윤교; 정서현; 전유주; 김승민; 박종목; 노현국; 공호열; 송현곤CONFERENCE55
2017-04-06Multi-dimensional carbon composite electrodes for flexible supercapacitors이영대; 황치현; 곽명준; 조윤교; 장지현; 송현곤CONFERENCE42
2017-04-06Nanobead-reinforced solid-electrolyte interphase layers for suppressing dendrite formation on lithium metal anodes김민수; 조윤교; 전유주; 송현곤CONFERENCE36
2018-04-05Oxygen Activators for a Zero-activation-energy Electrocatalysis송현곤CONFERENCE23
2017-04-06Polypyrrole assisted oxygen electrocatalysis on perovskite이동규; 송현곤CONFERENCE22
2018-11-01Regulating Lithium-ion Pathways by Pyridinic Nitrogen of Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4) for Lithium Metal Battery이현욱; 전유주; 강수진; 송현곤CONFERENCE39
2018-04-20RuO2 nanocluster as a 4-in-1 electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen electrochemistry송현곤CONFERENCE17
Showing results 1 to 20 of 41