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2016-04-28CO2 as a Co-guest of Structure H (sH) Hydrates Formed from CO2 + N2 + Methylcyclopentane (MCP) + Water Mixtures이동영; 임지연; 이요한; 서용원CONFERENCE53
2016-10-20CO2 Capture from CO2 + H2 Gas Mixture Using Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Chloride Semiclathrate김소영; 서용원CONFERENCE54
2016-10-20CO2 separation from CH4 + CO2 gas mixture using clahrate formation: Effect of structure types in the presence of thermodynamic promoters임지연; 최원중; 서용원CONFERENCE38
2016-11-30CO2 separation from CO2-rich natural gas and biogas using gas hydrate임지연; 최원중; 서용원CONFERENCE33
2017-04-27Complex phase behavior and structural coexistence of natural gas hydrates containing large molecule guest substances이준섭; 서용원CONFERENCE25
2017-04-27Effects of reaction media and surfactants on SF6 hydrate formation고결; 서용원CONFERENCE33
2017-10-27Enclathration of C3F8 in sII hydrate with SF6 and C2F6김은애; 서용원CONFERENCE31
2016-10-20Enclathration of NF3 and c-C4F8 molecules in gas hydrates and their thermodynamic and cage filling characteristics김은애; 서용원CONFERENCE31
2017-10-26Experimental Verification of Structural Transition and Cage-Filling Characteristics in CH4-CO2 replacement occurring in sII hydrates이요한; 최원중; 서용원CONFERENCE34
2016-04-28Experimental Verification of Structural Transition and Dissociation Enthalpy Change during CH4 Recovery Induced by CO2 Injection into CH4 + C3H8 hydrate이요한; 최원중; 서용원CONFERENCE44
2017-04-27Formation and dissociation behavior of HFC-125a hydrate in NaCl solutions for hydrate-based desalination최원중; 이요한; 서용원CONFERENCE39
2016-04-28Gas Hydrate-Based F-Gas (CHF3 and C2F6) Separation: Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Approaches서용원; 김은애; 고결CONFERENCE39
2016-04-28Guest Gas Enclathration in Tetra-iso-amyl Ammonium Bromide (TiAAB) semiclathrate: Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Approaches김소영; 김기섭; 서용원CONFERENCE32
2017-10-26Influence of various inhibitor mixtures on CH4 hydrate formation as thermodynamic and kinetic hydrate inhibitors이동영; 서용원CONFERENCE30
2017-04-27Influence of various inhibitors on thermodynamic and kinetic behaviors of CH4 hydrate이동영; 서용원CONFERENCE29
2017-10-27Inhibition effects of urea, choline chloride, and their mixture on CH4 hydrate formation고우진; 서용원; 오정민; 김기섭CONFERENCE32
2016-10-20Phase behavior and characterization of the pure CP and CP + CO2 hydrates in the presence of NaCl for desalination이준섭; 이요한; 김소영; 서용원CONFERENCE33
2016-04-28Phase equilibria and dissociation enthalpies of HFC-134a hydrate in NaCl solutions for potential application in desalination최원중; 이요한; 이동영; 서용원CONFERENCE36
2016-10-20Phase equilibria and kinetic behaviors of HFC-125a hydrate in NaCl solutions for application in desalination최원중; 서용원CONFERENCE27
2017-10-27Pseudo-hydrate inhibition behavior in gas hydrate systems containing large molecule guest substances (LMGSs)이준섭; 서용원CONFERENCE29
Showing results 1 to 20 of 44