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2016-02-01Graphene Electrode-based Photovoltaics박혜성CONFERENCE16
2014-10-07Graphene in Emerging Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting박혜성CONFERENCE20
2019-10-24High-Performance Flexible Organic Solar Cells exceeding 12% Enabled by High-Purity Transfer-Free Graphene Electrode produced via Direct Polyimide Integration구동환; 정성우; 서지형; 정규정; 최윤성; 이정현; 이상면; 조용준; 정민규; Chen, Shanshan; 양창덕; 박혜성CONFERENCE78
2018-10-10High-Quality Polymeric Precision through Stepwise Stille Polycondensation toward No Batch-to-Batch Variations in Polymer Solar Cell이상면; 박혜성; 양창덕CONFERENCE26
2018-09-13Highly Robust and Stable Graphene-Encapsulated Cu-grid Hybrid Transparent Electrode with Superior Performance Demonstrated with Organic Solar Cells박혜성CONFERENCE25
2019-04-24In-situ Coalesced Chalcogen Vacancy Formation of MoSe2 Mimics the Noble Metals in Hydrogen Production through the Enhanced Volmer-Tafel Reaction이정현; 김창민; 최근수; 서지형; 최윤성; 최우선; 김영민; 정후영; 이준희; 김건태; 박혜성CONFERENCE72
2019-02-01PBDTTT 기반 고분자의 제조방법양창덕; 이상면; 박광현; 박혜성; 정승온; 울산과학기술원Patent151
2019-04-25Site-Specific Growth of Anisotropic 2D Materials on Atomically Flat Graphene Surface without Dangling Bonds서지형; 이정현; 정규정; 박혜성CONFERENCE25
2019-10-24Ultrasensitive plasmon-free SERS platform at femtomolar detection from 2D van der Waals heterostructure with synergistic effects서지형; 김용철; 김예진; 이정현; 구동환; 권오훈; 이근식; 박혜성CONFERENCE62
2019-10-24Zwitterion Functionalization of Graphene with pH Independent Dispersion Stability: Efficient Electron Mediator for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Medium김웅수; 조용준; 전다솜; 김용철; 박상현; 서지형; 이정현; 오남근; 이근식; 류정기; 양창덕; 박혜성CONFERENCE53
2018-10-22그래핀 제조방법, 그래핀 분산 조성물, 및 그 제조방법박혜성; 박광현; 양창덕; 울산과학기술원Patent201
2019-11-21폴리이미드를 기판으로 활용한 고품질의 무전사 그래핀 기반 전극으로 구현된 고성능 ( >12%) 유연 유기 태양전지박혜성CONFERENCE57
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12