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2016-04-094 합성우량균주 대량선별을 위한 유체패터닝 플랫폼임지원; 이성국; 김태성CONFERENCE38
2017-04-28A microchemostat platform for reusable in-situ whole-cell microbial biosensors배주열; 임지원; 김태성CONFERENCE45
2017-05-26Cover and overt transformation of structural colors formed by inkjet printing of nanoparticle suspension for durable and flexible anti-counterfeit applications이경훈; Thokchom, AK; Zhou, Q; 하도경; 박준규; 박정열; 김태성CONFERENCE60
2017-03-31Crack-assisted Integrated Microfluidic Chip for Diffusion-controlled and High-throughput Cellular Induction Assays하도경; 김민석; 김태성CONFERENCE39
2016-04-07Crack-photolithography based nanochannel arrays for high-throughput bacterial chemotaxis assays하도경; 김동주; 김태성CONFERENCE37
2016-04-29Crack-photolithography based quantitative high-throughput cellular assays on a chip하도경; 김민석; 김태성CONFERENCE40
2017-05-25Crack-photolithography-assisted Nanofluidic Synthesis of Silver Nanowire Arrays하도경; 김동주; 김태성CONFERENCE39
2018-11-30Diffusiophoresis-based particle transport control in micro-/nanofluidic channel서상진; 하도경; 김태성CONFERENCE45
2019-05-24Diffusiophoresis의 Debye-layer 효과를 이용한 크기 기반 나노입자 분리서상진; 하도경; 김태성CONFERENCE55
2016-04-29Fabrication of metallic nanowires based device for biosensor applications by using crack-photolithography김동주; 하도경; 김태성CONFERENCE35
2016-04-08Geometrical evaluation of crack-lithography assisted nanopatterns on SU-8 film by annealing conditions김동주; 하도경; 김태성CONFERENCE41
2019-05-24Heterogeneous Nanowire Array for Broadband Photodetector by Crack Photolithography-based Micro-/Nanofluidic PlatformsZhou, Qitao; 박준규; 김태성CONFERENCE60
2017-03-31Inkjet-printed Ag Micro-/Nanostructure Clusters on Cu Foil for Hydrophobicity Gradient Based In-situ Pre-concentration and Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringZhou, Qitao; Ashish Kumar Thokchom; 김동주; 김태성CONFERENCE52
2017-04-28Microfabrication of Crack-photolithography-assisted Collapse-free and Mass-transport-controllable Nanochannels for Bio-applications하도경; 김태성CONFERENCE35
2019-05-24Microfluidic Bioreactor Array for High-throughput Screening and Hatch-like Extraction of Mutant Libraries주장현; 배주열; 김태성CONFERENCE56
2016-04-29Microfluidic High-throughput Screening Device for Small Mutant Libraries of Recombinant Escherichia coli임지원; 이성국; 김태성CONFERENCE40
2018-11-30Microfluidic Patterning of Liquid Using Micropost and Microhole Arrays배주열; 김태성CONFERENCE43
2018-04-06Nanoscale Hydrodynamic Film Assisted Active Mass Transport Control fpr Microfluidic Micronial Biosensor Platform배주열; 김태성CONFERENCE38
2018-12-13Numerical simulations of particle deposition patterns in evaporating droplets이경훈; 임우영; 김태성CONFERENCE47
2019-05-24Self-assembled Particle Membrane (SAPM)-integrated Bioreactor Array for Dynamic Cultivation and Selective Extraction of Mutant Libraries이종완; 박정열; 김태성CONFERENCE58
Showing results 1 to 20 of 59