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2018-04-123D graphene-Ni foam heterostructures for highly-efficient and durable bipolar plates in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell심여선; 곽진성; 김세양; 조용수; 김승현; 김성엽; 김지현; 이치승; 조장호; 권순용CONFERENCE66
2017-11-24A study on the negative coefficient of thermal expansion of metal (001) nanowires김성엽; Duc Tam HoCONFERENCE45
2018-04-12Ambient air oxidation behavior of intrinsic graphene defects for different origins on copper조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE56
2016-12-14An Atomistic Study on the Buckling in Periodic Porous StructuresThang, Nguyen Cao; Tam, Ho Duc; 김성엽CONFERENCE24
2017-11-01Analysis for Flow Uniformity in SCR Reactor of a 1200~1800kW Marine Engine심준호; 홍재형; 이지은; 김성엽CONFERENCE33
2017-05-26Atomistic study of the mechanical non-reciprocity of a patterned grapheme structure김성엽; Duc Tam HoCONFERENCE29
2012-09-12Band-Gap Tuning of MoS2 Monolayer by Mechanical Strains박순동; 김성엽CONFERENCE39
2016-07-26Calculation of fracture properties in nanoscale김호건; 김성엽CONFERENCE39
2015-12-04Comparison of Griffith’s energy release rate and J-integral for ductile materials in nanoscale김성엽; 김호건CONFERENCE27
2013-02-26Computations for Nanoscale Materials김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동CONFERENCE34
2015-12-04Density functional theory study on the phase transformation of NiTi by mechanical deformation김성엽; 박순동; 조인수CONFERENCE36
2012-05-10DFT 계산을 통한 구조적인 변형에 따른 1H-MoS2의 밴드구조 변화 연구박순동; 김성엽; 호덕탐CONFERENCE32
2014-12-05Drastic change in the Poisson’s ratios in metal nanoplates김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동CONFERENCE33
2015-12-04Eccentric mechanical behavior of an edge dislocation in α-iron at absolute zero temperature김성엽; 김순CONFERENCE20
2017-11-03Effect of wave propagation on the motions of dislocations and grain boundaries in nanoscale김순; 오현석; 김성엽CONFERENCE26
2016-11-16Encapsulation-Free Highly Air-Stable Monolayer WS2 Using Graphene Substrate김세양; 곽진성; 김정화; 이재웅; 조용수; 김성엽; 정현식; 이종훈; 권순용CONFERENCE34
2017-02-10Energy release rate calculation in nanoscale김호건; 김성엽CONFERENCE27
2016-11-16Facile Observation of Intrinsic CVD Graphene Defects through Selective Oxygen Transport조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE41
2018-02-21Facile Observation of Intrinsic CVD Graphene Defects through Selective Oxygen Transport조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE37
2015-12-04First-principles calculation on the stability of cycled Li2MnSiO4 cathode material김성엽; 박순동CONFERENCE31
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49