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2016-02Dependency of Electrochemical Performances of Silicon Lithium-Ion Batteries on Glycosidic Linkages of Polysaccharide BindersYoon, Da-Eun; Hwang, Chihyun; Kang, Na-Ri; Lee, Ungju; Ahn, Dongjoon; Kim, Ju-Young; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE564
2016-08Design of an Ultra-Durable Silicon-Based Battery Anode Material with Exceptional High-Temperature Cycling StabilityPark, Hyungmin; Choi, Sinho; Lee, Sung-June; Cho, Yoon-Gyo; Hwang, Gaeun; Song, Hyun-Kon; Choi, Nam-Soon; Park, SoojinARTICLE549
2018-08Design of catalyst support for high durability of oxygen electrocatalystSong, Hyun-Kon; Yang, JuchanDoctoral thesis114
2015-08Designing Ionic Pathways to Improve Overall Kinetics of Lithium ion BatteriesSong, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Tae-HeeDoctoral thesis884
2018-02Designing Molecular Structures of Polymeric Binders for Alloying-Based AnodesSong, Hyun-Kon; Hwang, ChihyunDoctoral thesis296
2010-01Direct Electron Transfer of Glucose Oxidase and Carbon Nanotubes Entrapped with Biocompatible Organic MaterialsKim, Ji Hyeon; Lee, Hye Jung; Jung, Haesook; Song, Hyun-Kon; Yoon, Hyon Hee; Won, KeehoonARTICLE664
2014-05Doubling the capacity of lithium manganese oxide spinel by a flexible skinny graphitic layerNoh, Hyun Kuk; Park, Han-Saem; Jeong, Hu Young; Lee, Sang Uck; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE654
2012-12Edge-Exfoliated Graphites for Facile Kinetics of DelithiationPark, Jeong-Seok; Lee, Myeong-Hee; Jeon, In-Yup; Park, Han-Saem; Baek, Jong-Beom; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE786
2014-02Effective Lithium Transfer and Thermal Enhancement Based on Nitrile Functionality for Safer Lithium Ion BatteriesSong, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Young-SooDoctoral thesis862
1999-06Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of porous electrodes: the effect of pore size distributionSong, Hyun-Kon; Jung, YH; Lee, KH; Dao, LHARTICLE586
2004Electrochemical porosimetrySong, Hyun-Kon; Sung, JH; Jung, YH; Lee, KH; Dao, LH; Kim, MH; Kim, HNARTICLE569
2006-07Electrochemical porosimetry: Deconvolution of distribution functionsSong, Hyun-Kon; Jang, Jong H.; Kim, Jae Jeong; Oh, Seung M.ARTICLE487
2008-02Electrochemical regeneration of NADH enhanced by platinum nanoparticlesSong, Hyun-Kon; Lee, Sahng Ha; Won, Keehoon; Park, Je Hyeong; Kim, Joa Kyum; Lee, Hyuk; Moon, Sang-Jin; Kim, Do Kyung; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE544
2005-05Electrochromism of 2,2'-azinobis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonate) incorporated into conducting polymer as a dopantSong, Hyun-Kon; Lee, EJ; Oh, SMARTICLE520
2011-10Electronegativity-induced enhancement of thermal stability by succinonitrile as an additive for Li ion batteriesKim, Young-Soo; Kim, Tae-Hee; Lee, Hochun; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE752
2000-01Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in silica-expanded graphite composite blocks for adsorption heat pumps. Part II. Cooling system using the composite blocksEun, TH; Song, Hyun-Kon; Han, JH; Lee, KH; Kim, JNARTICLE534
2000-01Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in silica-expanded graphite composite blocks for adsorption heat pumps: Part I. Characterization of the composite blocksEun, Tai-Hee; Song, Hyun-Kon; Han, Jong Hun; Lee, Kun-Hong; Kim, Jong-NamARTICLE557
2016-06Enhancing Interfacial Bonding between Anisotropically Oriented Grains using a Glue-Nanofiller for Advanced Li-ion Battery CathodeKim, Hyejung; Lee, Sanghan; Cho, Hyeon; Kim, Junhyeok; Lee, Jieun; Park, Suhyeon; Joo, Se Hun; Kim, Su Hwan; Cho, Yoon-Gyo; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Cho, JaephilARTICLE814
2010-06Enhancing the stability and performance of a battery cathode using a non-aqueous electrolyteKim, Sung Yeol; Sen, Sujat; Song, Hyun-Kon; Palmore, G. Tayhas R.ARTICLE474
2014-05Enlarging the d-spacing of graphite and polarizing its surface charge for driving lithium ions fastKim, Tae-Hee; Jeon, Eun Kyung; Ko, Younghoon; Jang, Bo Yun; Kim, Byeong-Su; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE756
Showing results 34 to 53 of 125