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2019-05Serviceability Assessment Method of Stay Cables with Vibration Control Using First-Passage ProbabilityJeong, Seunghoo; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE134
2015-10Smart One-Channel Sensor Node for Ambient Vibration Test with Applications to Structural Health Monitoring of Large Civil InfrastructuresPark, Young-Soo; Kim, Sehoon; Sim, Sung-Han; Koo, Ki-Young; Lee, Wontae; Lee, Jong-JaeARTICLE541
2019-12Stress Estimation Using Digital Image Correlation with Compensation of Camera Motion-Induced ErrorLee, Junhwa; Jeong, Seunghoo; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE63
2010-07Structural health monitoring of a cable-stayed bridge using smart sensor technology: deployment and evaluationJang, Shinae; Jo, Hongki; Cho, Soojin; Mechitov, Kirill; Rice, Jennifer A.; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Yun, Chung Bang; Spencer, Billie F., Jr.; Agha, GulARTICLE1714
2015-02Study on Combined Use of Inclination and Acceleration for Displacement Estimation of a Wind Turbine StructurePark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Byung-Jin; Yi, Jin-HakARTICLE534
2018-08Surface-Wave Based Model for Estimation of Discontinuity Depth in ConcreteAhn, Eunjong; Kim, Hyunjun; Sim, Sung-Han; Shin, Sung Woo; Popovics, John S.; Shin, MyoungsuARTICLE338
2016-10Traffic Safety Evaluation for Railway Bridges Using Expanded Multisensor Data FusionPark, Jong-Woong; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Spencer, Billie F.ARTICLE545
2019-01Uniaxial static stress estimation for concrete structures using digital image correlationLee, Junhwa; Kim, Eun Jin; Gwon, Seongwoo; Cho, Soojin; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE180
2009-03Virtual Laboratory for Experimental Structural DynamicsSim, Sung-Han; Spencer, B. F., Jr.; Lee, G. C.ARTICLE450
2016-02Virtual Sensing for Structural Health Monitoring of Off-shore StructuresSim, Sung-Han; Rajendra, Prasath PalanisamyMaster's thesis524
2014-11Vision-Based Displacement Measurement System Operable at Arbitrary PositionsLee, Jun-Hwa; Cho, Soojin; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE550
2014-04Wireless displacement sensing system for bridges using multi-sensor fusionPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE531
2013-09Wireless sensor network for decentralized damage detection of building structuresPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE532
2019-08교량의 장기변형 계측을 위한 컴퓨터비전 기법의 활용Sim, Sung-Han; Lee, Junhwa; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Lee, Young-JooARTICLE87
2016-05구조물 모니터링을 위한 무선 스마트 센서 네트워크의 칼만 필터 기반 데이터 복구Kim, Eun-Jin; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE475
2016-05부유물 충돌을 고려한 교각의 홍수 취약도 해석 기법Kim, Hyunjun; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE463
2014-09영상 기반 변위 계측장치의 현장 적용 성능 평가Cho, Soojin; Sim, Sung-Han; Kim, EunsungARTICLE752
2014-04진동법을 이용한 사장교의 시공 중 장력 평가Cho, Soojin; Yun, Chung Bang; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE1004
2013-07차세대고속열차 운행에 따른 호남고속선 강합성교의 동특성 분석Kim, Eunsung; Park, JongWoong; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE542
2016-12홍수 시 콘크리트 중력식댐의 위험도 분석을 위한 파괴확률 산정Cho, Soojin; Shin, Sung Woo; Sim, Sung-Han; Lim, Jeong-YeulARTICLE315
Showing results 57 to 76 of 76