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2012-09Heterologous Expression of Plant Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes for Effective Production of Cellulosic BiofuelsJung, Sang-Kyu; Parisutham, Vinuselvi; Jeong, Seong Hun; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE635
2008-10Heterologous protein production in Escherichia coli using the propionate-inducible pPro system by conventional and auto-induction methodsLee, Sung Kuk; Keasling, Jay D.ARTICLE542
2019-09High-Level Production of 4-Hydroxyvalerate from Levulinic Acid via Whole-Cell Biotransformation Decoupled from Cell MetabolismKim, Doyun; Sathesh-Prabu, Chandran; JooYeon, Young; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE28
2019-12High-Throughput Screening of Acyl-CoA Thioesterase I Mutants Using a Fluid Array PlatformLim, Ji Won; Shin, Kwang Soo; Ryu, Young Shin; Lee, Yongjoo; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaesungARTICLE71
2019-10Implementation of combinatorial genetic and microenvironmental engineering to microbial-based field-deployable microbead biosensors for highly sensitive and remote chemical detectionLee, Kangseok; Choi, Sunho; Kim, Chuntae; Kang, Woo Seok; Son, Wonhak; Bae, Sung Chul; Oh, Jin-Woo; Lee, Sung Kuk; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE94
2016-10Improvement of free fatty acid production using a mutant acyl-CoA thioesterase I with high specific activity in Escherichia coliShin, Kwang Soo; Kim, Sangwoo; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE561
2017-12Increasing Extracellular Free Fatty Acid Production in Escherichia coli by Disrupting Membrane Transport SystemsShin, Kwang Soo; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE367
1997-03Insulin-induced maturation of Xenopus oocytes is inhibited by microinjection of a Brassica napus cDNA clone with high similarity to a mammalian receptor for activated protein kinase CKwak, JM; Kim, SA; Lee, Sung Kuk; Oh, SA; Byoun, CH; Han, JK; Nam, HGARTICLE645
2017-09Intracellular cellobiose metabolism and its applications in lignocellulose-based biorefineriesParisutham, Vinuselvi; Chandran, Sathesh-Prabu; Mukhopadhyay, Aindrila; Lee, Sung Kuk; Keasling, Jay D.ARTICLE582
2017-12Introduction of an acetyl-CoA carboxylation bypass into Escherichia coli for enhanced free fatty acid productionShin, Kwang Soo; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE679
2001-07Isolation and characterization of a thermotolerant bacterium Ralstonia sp strain PHS1 that degrades benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and o-xyleneLee, Sung Kuk; Lee, SBARTICLE497
2017-02Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Strains from Explosive-Contaminated SoilLee, Sung Kuk; Kim, KyungchulMaster's thesis199
2008-12Metabolic engineering of microorganisms for biofuels production: from bugs to synthetic biology to fuelsLee, Sung Kuk; Chou, Howard; Ham, Timothy S.; Lee, Taek Soon; Keasling, Jay D.ARTICLE509
2011-01Microbial linguistics: perspectives and applications of microbial cell-to-cell communicationMitchell, Robert J.; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, Taesung; Ghim, Cheol-MinARTICLE1008
2019-02Microbial Production of Fatty Acid via Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic BiologySathesh-Prabu, Chandran; Shin, Kwang Soo; Kwak, Geun Hwa; Jung, Sang-Kyu; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE110
2010-09Microfabricated ratchet structures for concentrating and patterning motile bacterial cellsKim, Sang Yub; Lee, Eun Se; Lee, Ho Jae; Lee, Se Yeon; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaesungARTICLE705
2011-08Microfluidic device for analyzing preferential chemotaxis and chemoreceptor sensitivity of bacterial cells toward carbon sourcesKim, Minseok; Kim, Su Hyun; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaesungARTICLE692
2011-06Microfluidic Technologies for Synthetic BiologyVinuselvi, Parisutham; Park, Seongyong; Kim, Minseok; Park, Jung Min; Kim, Taesung; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE618
2017-10Nanoscale hydrodynamic film for diffusive mass transport control in compartmentalized microfluidic chambersKim, Minseok; Lim, Ji Won; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaesungARTICLE356
2015-06Novel functions and regulation of cryptic cellobiose operons in Escherichia coliParisutham, Vinuselvi; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE612
Showing results 33 to 52 of 71