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2009-06Nanoclusters of Group-III Metal Atoms on Si(111)-7 x 7Lee, Geunsik; Chung, J. W.; Kim, Jai SamARTICLE607
2013-02Noncovalent Functionalization with Alkali Metal to Separate Semiconducting from Metallic Carbon Nanotubes: A Theoretical StudyLi, Nannan; Lee, Geunsik; Yang, Jae Won; Kim, Heeyoung; Yeom, Min Sun; Scheicher, Ralph H.; Kim, Jai Sam; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE517
2003-04Numerical verification of topological crossings in band structure of solidsLee, Geunsik; Kim, Jai Sam; Zak, JARTICLE482
2001-09Optical properties of TiNi, TiCo and TiFe thin filmsKulkova, S.E.; Valujsky, D.V.; Kim, J.S.; Lee, Geunsik; Koo, Y.M.ARTICLE513
2016-11Orbital hybridization mechanism for the enhanced photoluminescence in edge-functionalized sp2 carbon clustersKang, Byungkyun; Choi, Yuri; Kim, Byeong-Su; Youn, Il Seung; Lee, GeunsikARTICLE412
2012-10Orbital Selective Fermi Surface Shifts and Mechanism of High Tc Superconductivity in Correlated AFeAs (A=Li, Na)Lee, Geunsik; Ji, Hyo Seok; Kim, Yeongkwan; Kim, Changyoung; Haule, Kristjan; Kotliar, Gabriel; Lee, Bumsung; Khim, Seunghyun; Kim, Kee Hoon; Kim, Kwang S.; Kim, Ki-Seok; Shim, Ji HoonARTICLE497
2018-03Organic cation steered interfacial electron transfer within organic-inorganic perovskite solar cellsJavaid, Saqib; Myung, Chang Woo; Yun, Jeonghun; Lee, Geunsik; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE347
2010-09Origin of HfO2/GaAs interface states and interface passivation: A first principles studyWang, Weichao; Xiong, Ka; Lee, Geunsik; Huang, Min; Wallace, Robert M.; Cho, KyeongjaeARTICLE465
2007-11Origin of unusual work function change upon forming Tl nanoclusters on Si(111)-7x7 surfaceHwang, C. G.; Kim, N. D.; Lee, Geunsik; Shin, S. Y.; Uhm, S. H.; Kim, H. S.; Kim, J. S.; Chung, J. W.ARTICLE496
2016-11Oxygen Reduction Reaction Mechanisms on Al-Doped X-Graphene (X = N, P, and S) Catalysts in Acidic Medium: A Comparative DFT StudyBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE553
2018-01Oxygen-induced defects at the lead halide perovskite/graphene oxide interfacesAcik, Muge; Park, In Kee; Koritala, Rachel E; Lee, Geunsik; Rosenberg, Richard A.ARTICLE454
2009-08Ozone Adsorption on Graphene: Ab Initio Study and Experimental ValidationLee, Geunsik; Lee, Bongki; Kim, Jiyoung; Cho, KyeongiaeARTICLE579
2018-06Rashba-Dresselhaus Effect in Inorganic/Organic Lead Iodide Perovskite InterfacesMyung, Chang Woo; Javaid, Saqid; Kim, Kwang S.; Lee, GeunsikARTICLE500
2015-12Real-Time Propagation via Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Plus the Hubbard U Potential for Electron-Atom Coupled Dynamics Involving Charge TransferShin, Dongbin; Lee, Geunsik; Miyamoto, Youshiyuki; Park, NoejungARTICLE468
2011-08Reparameterization of the REBO-CHO potential for graphene oxide molecular dynamics simulationsFonseca, Alexandre F.; Lee, Geunsik; Borders, Tammie L.; Zhang, Hengji; Kemper, Travis W.; Shan, Tzu-Ray; Sinnott, Susan B.; Cho, KyeongjaeARTICLE494
2017-02Screening of Oxygen-Reduction-Reaction-Efficient Electrocatalysts Based on Ag-M (M = 3d, 4d, and 5d Transition Metals) Nanoalloys: A Density Functional Theory StudyBhatt, Mahesh Datt; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE411
2008-05Self-trapping nature of Tl nanoclusters on the Si(111)-7 x 7 surfaceHwang, C. G.; Kim, N. D.; Lee, Geunsik; Shin, S. Y.; Kim, J. S.; Chung, J. W.ARTICLE466
2019-12Signature of multilayer growth of 2D layered Bi2Se3 through heteroatom-assisted step-edge barrier reductionKim, Yongsam; Lee, Geunsik; Li, Nannan; Seo, Jikeun; Kim, Kwang S.; Kim, NamdongARTICLE91
2011-08Small anisotropy in iron-based superconductors induced by electron correlationJi, Hyo Seok; Lee, Geunsik; Shim, Ji HoonARTICLE406
2014-10Spectroscopic Evaluation of Out-of-Plane Surface Vibration Bands from Surface Functionalization of Graphite Oxide by FluorinationAcik, Muge; Yagneswaran, Sriram; Peng, Weina; Lee, Geunsik; Lund, Benjamin R.; Smith, Dennis W., Jr.; Chabal, Yves J.ARTICLE476
Showing results 46 to 65 of 87