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2013-11Low bandgap small molecules based on 2,2-bithiophene-3,3-dicarboximide for soluble-processed solar cellsSong, Suhee; Kim, Taehyo; Park, Hyeji; Jin, Youngeup; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE575
2016-02Medium bandgap copolymers based on carbazole and quinoxaline exceeding 1.0 V open-circuit voltagesLee, Kyu Cheol; Kim, Taehyo; Song, Seyeong; Kim, Yiho; Dutta, Gitish. K.; Kim, Dong Suk; Kim, Jin Young; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE535
2019-02Morphology-Dependent Hole Transfer under Negligible HOMO Difference in Non-Fullerene Acceptor-Based Ternary Polymer Solar CellsKim, Taehyo; Heo, Jungwoo; Lee, Ji Young; Yoon, Yung Jin; Lee, Tack Ho; Shin, Yun Seop; Kim, In-Sik; Kim, Hxojung; Jeong, Mun Seok; Hwang, In-Wook; Walker, Bright; Jo, Pil Sung; Lim, Bogyu; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE92
2018-07Nanoparticle-Enhanced Silver-Nanowire Plasmonic Electrodes for High-Performance Organic Optoelectronic DevicesKim, Taehyo; Kang, Saewon; Heo, Jungwoo; Cho, Seungse; Kim, Jae Won; Choe, Ayoung; Walker, Bright; Shanker, Ravi; Ko, Hyunhyub; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE274
2016-05Photocurrent Extraction Efficiency near Unity in a Thick Polymer Bulk HeterojunctionKo, Seo-Jin; Walker, Bright; Nguyen, Thanh Luan; Choi, Hyosung; Seifter, Jason; Uddin, Mohammad Afsar; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Seongbum; Heo, Jungwoo; Kim, Gi-Hwan; Cho, Shinuk; Heeger, Alan J.; Woo, Han Young; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE557
2016-07Quinoxaline-thiophene based thick photovoltaic devices with an efficiency of similar to 8%Li, Yuxiang; Ko, Seo-Jin; Park, Song Yi; Choi, Hyosung; Nguyen, Thanh Luan; Uddin, Mohammad Afsar; Kim, Taehyo; Hwang, Sungu; Kim, Jin Young; Woo, Han YoungARTICLE551
2014-01Replacing the metal oxide layer with a polymer surface modifier for high-performance inverted polymer solar cellsLee, Tack Ho; Choi, Hyosung; Walker, Bright; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Hak-Beom; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE656
2017-01Semi-crystalline A 1 -D-A 2 -type copolymers for efficient polymer solar cellsNguyen, Thanh Luan; Choi, Hyosung; Ko, Seo-Jin; Kim, Taehyo; Uddin, Mohammad Afsar; Hwang, Sungu; Kim, Jin Young; Woo, Han YoungARTICLE343
2019-09Slot-Die and Roll-to-Roll Processed Single Junction Organic Photovoltaic Cells with the Highest EfficiencyLee, Jeongjoo; Seo, You-Hyun; Kwon, Sung-Nam; Kim, Do-Hyung; Jang, Seokhoon; Jung, Hyeonwoo; Lee, Youngu; Weerasinghe, Hasitha; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Jin Young; Vak, Doojin; Na, Seok-InARTICLE68
2015-06Small-bandgap polymer solar cells with unprecedented short-circuit current density and high fill factorChoi, Hyosung; Ko, Seo-Jin; Kim, Taehyo; Morin, Pierre-Olivier; Walker, Bright; Lee, Byoung Hoon; Leclerc, Mario; Kim, Jin Young; Heeger, Alan J.ARTICLE759
2015-07Spectroscopically tracking charge separation in polymer : fullerene blends with a three-phase morphologyGallaher, Joseph K.; Prasad, Shyamal K. K.; Uddin, Mohammad A.; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Jin Young; Woo, Han Young; Hodgkiss, Justin M.ARTICLE535
2016-07Straight chain D-A copolymers based on thienothiophene and benzothiadiazole for efficient polymer field effect transistors and photovoltaic cellsLi, Yuxiang; Lee, Tack Ho; Park, Song Yi; Uddin, Mohammad Asfar; Kim, Taehyo; Hwang, Sungu; Kim, Jin Young; Woo, Han YoungARTICLE574
2016-04Syntheses and properties of conjugated polymer with thiophene-bridged BTI and indenoindene units for organic solar cellsKim, Juae; Kim, Shin Hyun; Shim, Joo Young; Kim, Taehyo; Lee, Jihoon; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE442
2015-09Syntheses and Properties of Copolymers with N-Alkyl-2,2 '-bithiophene-3,3 '-dicarboximide Unit for Polymer Solar CellsKim, Juae; Kim, Shin Hyun; Kim, Taehyo; Shim, Joo Young; Park, Dongkyung; Kim, Jinwoo; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE448
2015-10Syntheses and solar cell applications of conjugated copolymers consisting of 3,3 '-dicarboximide and benzodithiophene units with thiophene and bithiophene linkageKim, Jinwoo; Kim, Taehyo; Bang, Su Yeon; Kim, Juae; Shim, Joo Young; Kim, Il; Park, Song Yi; Chun, Ho Hwan; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE617
2015-08Syntheses and solar cell applications of conjugated copolymers containing tetrafluorophenylene unitsKim, Jinwoo; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Nam Hee; Kim, Juae; Shim, Joo Young; Kim, Il; Chun, Ho Hwan; Kim, Jin Young; Jin, Jong Sung; Kim, Jong Pil; Jeong, Euh Duck; Suh, HongsukARTICLE556
2015-04Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of alkoxy-benzimidazole containing low band gap polymersShim, Joo Young; Kim, Taehyo; Kim, Juae; Kim, Jinwoo; Park, Dongkyung; Kim, Il; Woo, Hanyoung; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE592
2016-09Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of benzimidazole-based copolymer with fluorine atomSong, Suhee; Kim, Taehyo; Kang, Dongho; Suh, Hongsuk; Hyun, Myung Ho; Park, Seong Soo; Lee, Gun Dae; Kim, Jin Young; Jin, YoungeupARTICLE383
2014-04Synthesis of fluorinated analogues of a practical polymer TQ for improved open-circuit voltages in polymer solar cellsDutta, Gitish K; Kim, Taehyo; Choi, Hyosung; Lee, Junghoon; Kim, Dong Suk; Kim, Jin Young; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE710
2014-11Synthesis of the Copolymer Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole with Didecyl Chain for OPVsSong, Suhee; Ko, Seo-Jin; Kim, Taehyo; Shin, Hyunmin; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE659
Showing results 16 to 35 of 40