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2016-08Na3SbS4: A Solution Processable Sodium Superionic Conductor for All-Solid-State Sodium-Ion BatteriesBanerjee, Abhik; Park, Kern Ho; Heo, Jongwook W.; Nam, Young Jin; Moon, Chang Ki; Oh, Seung M.; Hong, Seung-Tae; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE341
2018-04New Na-ion Solid Electrolytes Na4-xSn1-xSbxS4 (0.02 < x < 0.33) for All-Solid-State Na-ion BatteriesHeo, Jongwook W.; Banerjee, Abhik; Park, Kern Ho; Jung, Yoon Seok; Hong, Seung TaeARTICLE487
2016-01Porous spherical polyacrylonitrile-carbon nanocomposite with high loading of sulfur for lithium-sulfur batteriesSohn, Hiesang; Gordin, Mikhail L.; Regula, Michael; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Jung, Yoon Seok; Song, Jangxuan; Wang, DonghaiARTICLE1112
2010-08Preparation of Li2S-GeSe2-P2S5 electrolytes by a single step ball milling for all-solid-state lithium secondary batteriesTrevey, James E.; Jung, Yoon Seok; Lee, Se-HeeARTICLE623
2013-04Robust lithium-ion anodes based on nanocomposites of iron oxide-carbon-silicateSohn, Hiesang; Chen, Zheng; Jung, Yoon Seok; Xiao, Qiangfeng; Cai, Mei; Wang, Haiqiang; Lu, YunfengARTICLE598
2008-01Role of electrochemically driven Cu nanograins in CuGa2 electrodeLee, Kyu Tae; Jung, Yoon Seok; Kwon, Ji Y.; Kim, Jun H.; Oh, Seung M.ARTICLE624
2016-12Semimicro-size agglomerate structured silicon-carbon composite as an anode material for high performance lithium-ion batteriesSohn, Hiesang; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Yi, Ran; Tang, Duihai; Lee, Sang-Eui; Jung, Yoon Seok; Wang, DonghaiARTICLE813
2019-06Sheet-type Li6PS5Cl-infiltrated Si anodes fabricated by solution process for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteriesKim, Dong Hyeon; Lee, Han Ah; Song, Yong Bae; Park, Jun Woo; Lee, Sang-Min; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE0
2007-08Si-carbon core-shell composite anode in lithium secondary batteriesJung, Yoon Seok; Lee, Kyu Tae; Oh, Seung M.ARTICLE520
2017-10Single-step wet-chemical fabrication of sheet-type electrodes from solid-electrolyte precursors for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteriesOh, Dae Yang; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Jung, Sung Hoo; Han, Jung-Gu; Choi, Nam-Soon; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE603
2018-12SiO2@V2O5@Al2O3 core-shell catalysts with high activity and stability for methane oxidation to formaldehydeYang, Euiseob; Lee, Jun Gyeong; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Jung, Yoon Seok; Kwak, Ja Hun; Park, Eun Duck; An, KwangjinARTICLE321
2019-04Slurry-Fabricable Li+-Conductive Polymeric Binders for Practical All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries Enabled by Solvate Ionic LiquidsOh, Doe Yang; Nam, Young Jin; Park, Kern Ho; Jung, Sung Hoo; Kim, Kyu Tae; Ha, A. Reum; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE0
2005Sn-carbon core-shell powder for anode in lithium secondary batteriesJung, Yoon Seok; Lee, Kyu Tae; Ryu, JH; Im, D; Oh, SMARTICLE598
2018-09Solution-derived glass-ceramic NaI center dot Na3SbS4 superionic conductors for all-solid-state Na-ion batteriesPark, Kern Ho; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Kwak, Hiram; Jung, Sung Hoo; Lee, Hyun-Jae; Banerjee, Abhik; Lee, Jun Hee; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE145
2016-03Solution-Processable Glass LiI-Li4SnS4 Superionic Conductors for All-Solid-State Li-Ion BatteriesPark, Kern Ho; Oh, Dae Yang; Choi, Young Eun; Nam, Young Jin; Han, Lili; Kim, Ju-Young; Xin, Huolin; Lin, Feng; Oh, Seung M.; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE819
2015-08Surface chemistry of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 particles coated by Al2O3 using Atomic Layer Deposition for lithium-ion batteriesJung, Yoon Seok; Kim, Jin WookMaster's thesis636
2015-01Surface chemistry of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 particles coated by Al2O3 using atomic layer deposition for lithium-ion batteriesKim, Jin Wook; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Oh, Dae Yang; Lee, Hyeyoun; Kim, Ji Hyun; Lee, Jae Hyun; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE675
2019-05Synthesis of nano-sized urchin-shaped LiFePO 4 for lithium ion batteriesYang, Changjin; Lee, Doo Jin; Kim, Hyunhong; Kim, Kangyong; Joo, Jinwhan; Kim, Won Bae; Song, Yong Bae; Jung, Yoon Seok; Park, JongnamARTICLE98
2003-05Synthesis of tin-encapsulated spherical hollow carbon for anode material in lithium secondary batteriesLee, Kyu Tae; Jung, Yoon Seok; Oh, SMARTICLE541
2009-07The role of in situ generated nano-sized metal particles on the coulombic efficiency of MGeO3 (M = Cu, Fe, and Co) electrodesKim, Chang H.; Jung, Yoon Seok; Lee, Kyu Tae; Ku, Jun H.; Oh, Seung M.ARTICLE628
Showing results 38 to 57 of 67