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2012-03Local Greedy Approximation for Scheduling in Multihop Wireless NetworksJoo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE575
2013-10Location-based spectrum allocation and partitioning scheme for cross-tier interference mitigation in macro-femtocell networksRyoo, Sunheui; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE570
2018-02Low-Complexity Learning for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Multi-User Multi-Channel NetworksJoo, Changhee; Kang, SunjungMaster's thesis601
2018-02Low-delay broadband satellite communications with high-altitude unmanned aerial vehiclesJoo, Changhee; Choi, JihwanARTICLE293
2013-04On Random Access Scheduling for Multimedia Traffic in Multihop Wireless Networks with Fading ChannelsJoo, ChangheeARTICLE505
2010-10On the Complexity of Scheduling in Wireless NetworksJoo, Changhee; Sharma, Gaurav; Shroff, Ness B.; Mazumdar, Ravi R.ARTICLE441
2014-04On the delay performance of in-network aggregation in lossy wireless sensor networksJoo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE525
2011-11On the Performance of Back-Pressure Scheduling Schemes with Logarithmic WeightJoo, ChangheeARTICLE447
2019-05Optimal CSMA scheduling with dual access probability for wireless networksChoi, Jin-Ghoo; Joo, ChangheeARTICLE212
2019-02Optimal Real-time Monitoring of an Information Source under Communication CostsJoo, Changhee; Yun, JihyeonMaster's thesis127
2018-02ORGMA: Reliable opportunistic routing with gradient forwarding for MANETsKang, Daeho; Kim, Hyung-Sin; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE675
2016-08PDPD: Packet Delivery Prediction-based Data Forwarding to Moving Targets in Vehicular NetworksJoo, Changhee; Kim, MinhoMaster's thesis474
2009-10Performance of Random Access Scheduling Schemes in Multi-Hop Wireless NetworksJoo, Changhee; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE447
2018-08Pricing and Revenue Sharing between ISPs under Content SharingJoo, Changhee; Satybaldy, AbylayMaster's thesis282
2018-04Pricing for Past Channel State Information in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio NetworksKang, Sunjung; Joo, Changhee; Lee, Joohyun; Shroff, Ness B.ARTICLE401
2016-08Random Access Scheduling without Message Passing: A Collision-based AIMD ApproachJoo, Changhee; Lee, SeunghyunMaster's thesis359
2016-08Receiver-Side TCP Countermeasure to Bufferbloat in Wireless Access NetworksIm, Heesu; Joo, Changhee; Lee, Taeseop; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE557
2016-12Resource Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA Networks: Approaches for Full and Limited CSIsNam, Changwon; Joo, Changhee; Yoon, Sung-Guk; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE363
2018-10Resource Sharing in Dual-Stack Devices: Opportunistic Bluetooth Transmissions in WLAN Busy PeriodsHan, Jonghun; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE410
2002-10Scalability problems of REDJoo, Changhee; Bahk, SARTICLE457
Showing results 21 to 40 of 48