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2015-01Photo-Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy of Semi-insulating Single Crystal Cs2Hg6S7Liu, Z; Peters, JA; Li, H; Kanatzidis, MG; Im, J; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJ; Wessels, BWARTICLE523
2013-07Photoconductivity in Tl6SI4: A Novel Semiconductor for Hard Radiation DetectionNguyen, SL; Malliakas, CD; Peters, JA; Liu, Z; Im, J; Zhao, LD; Sebastian, M; Jin, Hosub; Li, H; Johnsen, S; Wessels, BW; Freeman, AJ; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE510
2012-01Photoluminescent properties of semiconducting Tl6I4SeCho, NK; Peters, JA; Liu, Z; Wessels, BW; Johnsen, S; Kanatzidis, MG; Song, JH; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJARTICLE462
2019-09Prediction of ferroelectricity-driven Berry curvature enabling charge- and spin-controllable photocurrent in tin telluride monolayersKim, Jeongwoo; Kim, Kyoung-Whan; Shin, Dongbin; Lee, Sang-Hoon; Sinova, Jairo; Park, Noejung; Jin, HosubARTICLE252
2015-06Search and design of nonmagnetic centrosymmetric layered crystals with large local spin polarizationLiu, Q; Zhang, X; Jin, Hosub; Lam, K; Im, J; Freeman, AJ; Zunger, AARTICLE631
2014-06Spin-orbital entangled molecular j(eff) states in lacunar spinel compoundsKim, Heung-Sik; Im, Jino; Han, Myung Joon; Jin, HosubARTICLE545
2013-04Strain-induced topological insulator phase and effective magnetic interactions in Li2IrO3Kim, Heung-Sik; Kim, Choong H; Jeong, Hogyun; Jin, Hosub; Yu, JaejunARTICLE551
2014-05Switchable S=1/2 and J=1/2 Rashba bands in ferroelectric halide perovskitesKim, Minsung; Im, Jino; Freeman, AJ; Ihm, Jisoon; Jin, HosubARTICLE437
2009-11Temperature dependence of the electronic structure of the J(eff)=12 Mott insulator Sr2IrO4 studied by optical spectroscopyMoon, SJ; Jin, Hosub; Choi, WS; Lee, JS; Seo, SSA; Yu, Jaejun; Cao, G; Noh, TW; Lee, YSARTICLE533
2011-06Thallium Chalcogenide-Based Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors: TlGaSe2 for Radiation DetectorsJohnsen, S; Liu, Z; Peters, JA; Song, JH; Peter, SC; Malliakas, CD; Cho, NK; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJ; Wessels, BW; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE341
2011-06Thallium Chalcohalides for X-ray and gamma-ray DetectionJohnsen, S; Liu, Z; Peters, JA; Song, JH; Nguyen, S; Malliakas, CD; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJ; Wessels, BW; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE404
2019-10Theoretical evidence of spin-orbital-entangled Jeff=1/2 state in the 3d transition metal oxide CuAl2O4Kim, Choong H.; Baidya, Santu; Cho, Hwanbeom; Gapontsev, Vladimir V.; Streltsov, Sergey V.; Khomskii, Daniel I.; Park, Je-Geun; Go, Ara; Jin, HosubARTICLE118
2011-10Tl(2)Hg(3)Q(4) (Q = S, Se, and Te): High-Density, Wide-Band-Gap SemiconductorsJohnsen, S; Peter, SC; Nguyen, SL; Song, JH; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJ; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE572
2011-10Topological and magnetic phase transitions in Bi2Se3 thin films with magnetic impuritiesJin, Hosub; Im, Jino; Freeman, Arthur JARTICLE397
2014-05Topological and magnetic phases with strong spin-orbit coupling on the hyperhoneycomb latticeLee, EK; Bhattacharjee, S; Hwang, Kyusung; Kim, Heung-Sik; Jin, Hosub; Kim, Yong BaekARTICLE438
2014-02Topological domain walls and quantum valley Hall effects in siliceneKim, Youngkuk; Choi, Keunsu; Ihm, Jisoon; Jin, HosubARTICLE484
2012-09Topological insulator phase in halide perovskite structuresJin, Hosub; Im, Jino; Freeman, Arthur JARTICLE529
2013-04Topological Oxide Insulator in Cubic Perovskite StructureJin, Hosub; Rhim, Sonny H; Im, Jino; Freeman, Arthur JARTICLE519
2012-03Topological Quantum Phase Transition in 5d Transition Metal Oxide Na2IrO3Kim, Choong H; Kim, Heung Sik; Jeong, Hogyun; Jin, Hosub; Yu, JaejunARTICLE404
2019-05Two-dimensional Peierls instability via zone-boundary Dirac line nodes in layered perovskite oxidesPark, Jin-Hong; Lee, Seung Hun; Kim, Choong H.; Jin, Hosub; Yang, Bohm-JungARTICLE86
Showing results 23 to 42 of 42