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2019-08Effect of oxide film on ECT detectability of surface IGSCC in laboratory-degraded alloy 600 steam generator tubingLee, Tae Hyun; Ryu, Kyung Ha; Kim, Hong Deok; Hwang, Il Soon; Kim, Ji Hyun; Lee, Min Ho; Choi, SungyeolARTICLE98
2015-10Effects of Nuclear Technology Export Competition on Nuclear NonproliferationChoi, Sungyeol; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE272
2014-08Effects of operating conditions on molten-salt electrorefining for zirconium recovery from irradiated Zircaloy-4 cladding of pressurized water reactorPark, Jaeyeong; Choi, Sungyeol; Sohn, Sungjune; Kim, Kwang-Rag; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE569
2008-10Electroless nickel-plating for the PWSCC mitigation of nickel-base alloys in nuclear power plantsKim, Ji Hyun; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE427
2018-04Electrolytic Recovery of High Purity Zr from Radioactively Contaminated Zr Alloys in Chloride SaltsSohn, Sungjune; Park, Jaeyeong; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE603
2012-07Environmental assessment of advanced partitioning, transmutation, and disposal based on long-term risk-informed regulation: PyroGreenJung, Hyo Sook; Choi, Sungyeol; Hwang, Il Soon; Song, Myung-JaeARTICLE372
2014-09In-situ investigation of thermal aging effect on oxide formation in Ni-base alloy/low alloy steel dissimilar metal weld interfacesKim, Jongjin; Kim, Seung Hyun; Choi, Kyoung Joon; Bahn, Chi Bum; Hwang, Il Soon; Kim, Ji HyunARTICLE984
2017-03Multinational planning of nuclear energy systems in AsiaNoh, Hyunyub; Choi, Sungyeol; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE203
2010-03Online monitoring method using Equipotential Switching Direct Current potential drop for piping wall loss by flow accelerated corrosionRyu, Kyung Ha; Lee, Tae Hyun; Kim, Ji Hak; Hwang, Il Soon; Lee, Na Young; Kim, Ji Hyun; Park, Jin Ho; Sohn, Chang HoARTICLE454
2011-05PASCAR: Long burning small modular reactor based on natural circulationChoi, Sungyeol; Cho, Jae-Hyun; Bae, Moo-Hoon; Lim, Jun; Puspitarini, Dina; Jeun, Ji Hoon; Joo, Han-Gyu; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE449
2008-12Screening method for piping wall loss by flow accelerated corrosionRyu, Kyung Ha; Hwang, Il Soon; Lee, Na Young; Oh, Young Jin; Kim, Ji Hyun; Park, Jin Ho; Sohn, Cang HoARTICLE200
2019-12Spatial distribution of CeBi2 in Bi-Ce alloy facilitating density-based separation between actinides and lanthanidesSohn, Sungjune; Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Jeong, Seongjin; Hur, Jungho; Ju, Heejae; Shin, Yong-Hoon; Park, Jaeyeong; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE124
2019-06Spatial distribution of HfBi in metallurgically and electrochemically formed Bi-Hf alloySohn, Sungjune; Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Hur, Jungho; Jeong, Seongjin; Park, Jaeyeong; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE172
2015-02Techniques for intergranular crack formation and assessment in alloy 600 base and alloy 182 weld metalsLee, Tae Hyun; Hwang, Il Soon; Kim, Hong Deok; Kim, Ji HyunARTICLE708
2011-09Uncertainty studies of real anode surface area in computational analysis for molten salt electrorefiningChoi, Sungyeol; Park, Jaeyeong; Hoover, Robert O.; Phongikaroon, Supathorn; Simpson, Michael F.; Kim, Kwang-Rag; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE503
Showing results 10 to 24 of 24