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2016-02Na-doped LiNiO2 layered cathode material for Li -ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Kim, HanseulMaster's thesis1060
2013-06Na4-αM2+α/2(P2O 7)2 (2/3 ≤ α ≤ 7/8, M = Fe, Fe 0.5Mn0.5, Mn): A promising sodium ion cathode for na-ion batteriesHa, Kwang-Ho; Woo, SeungHee; Mok, Duckgyun; Choi, Nam-Soon; Park, Yuwon; Oh, Seung M.; Kim, Youngshol; Kim, Jeongsoo; Lee, Junesoo; Nazar, Linda F.; Lee, Kyu TaeARTICLE855
2004-02Nanocomposite single ion conductor based on organic-inorganic hybridChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, YM; Lee, BH; Lee, JA; Park, JKARTICLE558
2001-03New polymer electrolytes based on PVC/PMMA blend for plastic lithium-ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Park, J.-KARTICLE530
2014-11Novel design of silicon-based lithium-ion battery anode for highly stable cycling at elevated temperaturePark, Hyungmin; Choi, Sinho; Lee, Sungjun; Hwang, Gaeun; Choi, Nam-Soon; Park, SoojinARTICLE673
2005-01Novel porous separator based on PVdF and PE non-woven matrix for rechargeable lithium batteriesLee, YM; Kim, JW; Choi, Nam-Soon; Lee, JA; Seol, WH; Park, JKARTICLE782
2011-07One dimensional Si/Sn - based nanowires and nanotubes for lithium-ion energy storage materialsChoi, Nam-Soon; Yao, Yan; Cui, Yi; Cho, JaephilARTICLE698
2015-03Optimization of Carbon- and Binder-Free Au Nanoparticle-Coated Ni Nanowire Electrodes for Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKim, Sun Tai; Park, Soojin; Choi, Nam-Soon; Cho, JaephilARTICLE1211
2015-08P2-NaxNi0.2Co0.1Mn0.7O2 as a Cathode Material for Sodium-ion BatteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Yoon, Suk-BaeMaster's thesis2039
2001-03Preparation and electrochemcial characteristics of plasticized polymer electrolytes based upon a P(VdF-co-HFP)/PVAc blendChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, YG; Park, JK; Ko, JMARTICLE569
2004-08Protective coating of lithium metal electrode for interfacial enhancement with gel polymer electrolyteChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, YM; Seol, W; Lee, JA; Park, JKARTICLE680
2004-12Protective layer with oligo(ethylene glycol) borate anion receptor for lithium metal electrode stabilizationChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, YM; Cho, KY; Ko, DH; Park, JKARTICLE605
2004-11Proton conducting semi-IPN based on Nafion and crosslinked poly(AMPS) for direct methanol fuel cellCho, KY; Jung, HY; Shin, SS; Choi, Nam-Soon; Sung, SJ; Park, JK; Choi, JH; Park, KW; Sung, YEARTICLE740
2011-12Quasi-solid-state electric double layer capacitors assembled with sulfonated poly(fluorenyl ether nitrile oxynaphthalate) membranesSeong, Yul-Hwan; Choi, Nam-Soon; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE541
2012-08Raman Spectroscopic and X-ray Diffraction Studies of Sulfur Composite Electrodes during Discharge and ChargeYeon, Jin-Tak; Jang, Jun-Young; Han, Jung-Gu; Cho, Jaephil; Lee, Kyu Tae; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE742
2015-05Recent Advances in Rechargeable Magnesium Battery Technology: A Review of the Field's Current Status and ProspectsPark, Min-Sik; Kim, Jae- Geun; Kim, Young-Jun; Choi, Nam-Soon; Kim, Jeom-SooARTICLE761
2015-01Recent advances in the electrolytes for interfacial stability of high-voltage cathodes in lithium-ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Han, Jung-Gu; Ha, Se-Young; Park, Inbok; Back, Chang-KeunARTICLE589
2015-06Recent Progress on Polymeric Binders for Silicon Anodes in Lithium-Ion BatteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Ha, Se-Young; Lee, Yongwon; Jang, Jun Yeong; Jeong, Myung-Hwan; Shin, Woo Cheol; Ue, MakotoARTICLE629
2019-12Room‐Temperature Crosslinkable Natural Polymer Binder for High‐Rate and Stable Silicon AnodesRyu, Jaegeon; Kim, Sungho; Kim, Jimin; Park, Sooham; Lee, Seungho; Yoo, Seokkeun; Kim, Jangbae; Choi, Nam-Soon; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Park, SoojinARTICLE56
2019-05Scavenging Materials to Stabilize LiPF6‐Containing Carbonate‐Based Electrolytes for Li‐Ion BatteriesHan, Jung-Gu; Kim, Koeun; Lee, Yongwon; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE245
Showing results 89 to 108 of 138