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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2012-01Recent Advanced in Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Frameworks: Materials Design, Synthetic Strategies, and Emerging ApplicationsChoe, Wonyoung; Burnett, Brandon J.; Barron, Paul M.ARTICLE454
2010-05Self-assembly and Properties of Non-Metalled Tetraphenyl-Porphyrin on Metal SubstratesChoe, Wonyoung; Geoffrey, Rojas; Chen, Xumin; Bravo, Cameron; Kim, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Jae-Sung; Xiao, Jie; Dowben, Peter A.; Gao, Yi; Zheng, Xiao Cheng; Enders, AxelARTICLE624
2012-02Sequential Self-Assembly in Metal-Organic FrameworksChoe, Wonyoung; Burnett, Brandon J.ARTICLE369
2012-10Stepwise pillar insertion into metal-organic frameworks: A sequential self-assembly approachBurnett, Brandon J.; Choe, WonyoungARTICLE749
2011-06Stepwise synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks: Replacement of Structural Organic LinkersChoe, Wonyoung; Burnett, Brandon J.; Barron, Paul M.; Hu, ChunhuaARTICLE539
2017-02Stimuli-Responsive 2D Porphyrin Metal-Organic FrameworksChoe, Wonyoung; Kang, HyunjooMaster's thesis353
2020-03Trivalent copper and indium heterometallic complex with dithiocarbamate and iodide ligandsLee, Hyun-Jong; Jung, Seonho; Cha, Ji-Hyun; Nam, Dongsik; Choe, Wonyoung; Jung, Duk-YoungARTICLE38
2019-08Tuning of the flexibility in metal–organic frameworks based on pendant arm macrocyclesJeoung, Sungeun; Lee, Songho; Lee, Jae Hwa; Lee, Soochan; Choe, Wonyoung; Moon, Dohyun; Moon, Hoi RiARTICLE102
2017-08Zirconium-based Metal-Organic Polyhedra and rht-net Metal-Organic FrameworksChoe, Wonyoung; Kang, EunyoungMaster's thesis362
Showing results 21 to 29 of 29