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2019-03Quantification of Pseudocapacitive Contribution in Nanocage-Shaped Silicon-Carbon Composite AnodeSon, Yeonguk; Ma, Jiyoung; Kim, Namhyung; Lee, Taeyong; Lee, Yoonkwang; Sung, Jaekyung; Choi, Seong-Hyeon; Nam, Gyutae; Cho, Hyeyoung; Yoo, Youngshin; Cho, JaephilARTICLE153
1997-04Quantitative study of the short range order in B2O3 and B2S3 by MAS and two-dimensional triple-quantum MAS B-11 NMRHwang, SJ; Fernandez, C; Amoureux, JP; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SW; Pruski, MARTICLE543
2014-02Quantum confinement and its related effects on the critical size of GeO2 nanoparticles anodes for lithium batteriesSon, Yoonkook; Park, Mihee; Son, Yeonguk; Lee, Jung-Soo; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Youngsik; Cho, JaephilARTICLE705
2012-08Raman Spectroscopic and X-ray Diffraction Studies of Sulfur Composite Electrodes during Discharge and ChargeYeon, Jin-Tak; Jang, Jun-Young; Han, Jung-Gu; Cho, Jaephil; Lee, Kyu Tae; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE740
2001-02Raman spectroscopy studies of xNa(2)S+(1-X)B2S3 glasses and polycrystalsRoyle, M; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SWARTICLE476
2007Rate characteristics of anatase TiO2 nanotubes and nanorods for lithium battery anode materials at room temperatureKim, Jinyoung; Cho, JaephilARTICLE572
2018-08Rational Design of Silicon-Carbon Composite Anode Materials for Lithium Ion BatteriesCho, Jaephil; Son, YeongukDoctoral thesis101
2015-08Recent advances in lithium sulfide cathode materials and their use in lithium sulfur batteriesSon, Yoonkook; Lee, Jung-Soo; Son, Yeonguk; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Cho, JaephilARTICLE850
2010-11Recent Progress in Nanostructured Cathode Materials for Lithium Secondary BatteriesSong, Hyun-Kon; Lee, Kyu Tae; Kim, Min Gyu; Nazar, Linda F.; Cho, JaephilARTICLE616
2012-07Recent Progress in Non-Precious Catalysts for Metal-Air BatteriesCao, Ruiguo; Lee, Jang-Soo; Liu, Meilin; Cho, JaephilARTICLE631
2017-12Recent progress of analysis techniques for silicon-based anode of lithium-ion batteriesSon, Yeonguk; Sung, Jaekyung; Son, Yoonkook; Cho, JaephilARTICLE251
2013-12Recent progress on nanostructured 4 v cathode materials for Li-ion batteries for mobile electronicsXu, Xiaodong; Lee, Sanghan; Jeong, Sookyung; Kim, Youngsik; Cho, JaephilARTICLE714
2015-03Rechargeable Seawater Battery and Its Electrochemical MechanismKim, Jae-Kwang; Lee, Eungje; Kim, Hyojin; Johnson, Christopher; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE579
2009-05Reversible and High-Capacity Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Li-Ion BatteriesKim, Min Gyu; Cho, JaephilARTICLE529
2007-01Reversible lithium intercalation in teardrop-shaped ultrafine SnP0.94 particles: An anode material for lithium-ion batteriesKim, Youngsik; Hwang, Haesuk; Yoon, Chong S.; Kim, Min G.; Cho, JaephilARTICLE551
2015-03Revisit of metallothermic reduction for macroporous Si: Compromise between capacity and volume expansion for practical Li-ion batteryChoi, Sinho; Bok, Taesoo; Ryu, Jaegeon; Lee, Jung-In; Cho, Jaephil; Park, SoojinARTICLE902
2019-01Robust pitch on silicon nanolayer-embedded graphite for suppressing undesirable volume expansionChoi, Seong-Hyeon; Nam, Gyutae; Chae, Sujong; Kim, Donghyuk; Kim, Namhyung; Kim, Won Sik; Ma, Jiyoung; Sung, Jaekyung; Han, Seung Min; Ko, Minseong; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Cho, JaephilARTICLE321
2012-08Role of Li6CoO4 Cathode Additive in Li-Ion Cells Containing Low Coulombic Efficiency Anode MaterialNoh, Mijung; Cho, JaephilARTICLE749
2011-02Roles of nanosize in lithium reactive nanomaterials for lithium ion batteriesLee, Kyu Tae; Cho, JaephilARTICLE665
2013-05Roles of surface chemistry on safety and electrochemistry in lithium ion batteriesLee, Kyu Tae; JEONG, SOOKYUNG; Cho, JaephilARTICLE470
Showing results 258 to 277 of 358