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2018-11Metal-promoted C1 polymerizationsCahoon, Collin R.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE255
2018-09Molecular Recognition of Methionine-Terminated Peptides by Cucurbit[8]urilHirani, Zoheb; Taylor, Hailey F.; Babcock, Emily F.; Bockus, Andrew T.; Varnado, C. Daniel, Jr.; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Urbach, Adam R.ARTICLE215
2016-08N,N'-Diamidocarbenes: Isolable Divalent Carbons with Bona Fide Carbene ReactivityMoerdyk, Jonathan P.; Schilter, David; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE518
2016-09Olefin hydroborations with diamidocarbene-BH3 adducts at room temperatureLastovickova, Dominika N.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE663
2019-06Oxygen atom transfer: a mild and efficient method for generating iminyl radicalsKim, Youngsuk; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Lee, EunsungARTICLE125
2019-09Photoinitiated Ring-Opening Metathesis PolymerizationJoo, Wontae; Chen, Christopher H.; Moerdyk, Jonathan P.; Deschner, Ryan P.; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Willson, Carlton GrantARTICLE118
2013-06Photoswitchable NHC-promoted ring-opening polymerizationsNeilson, Bethany M.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE895
2019-09Polarization modulation effect of BeO on AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistorsWang, Weijie; Lee, Seung Min; Pouladi, Sara; Chen, Jie; Shervin, Shahab; Yoon, Seonno; Yum, Jung Hwan; Larsen, Eric S.; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Chatterjee, Bikramjit; Choi, Sukwon; Oh, Jungwoo; Ryou, Jae-HyunARTICLE131
2015-12Poly(2-imino-4-oxazolidinone)s via the Condensation of Diamidocarbenes with Bis(isocyanate)sLee, Young-Gi; Kang, Songsu; Moerdyk, Jonathan P.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE527
2018-12Poly(polyhedral)s: synthesis and study of a new class of polyurethanes composed of homocubanesHwang, Chiwon; Sultane, Prakash R.; Kang, Dong-Hee; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE302
2018-08Poly(polyhedrals)s: Synthesis and study of a new class of polyurethanes comprised of homocubanesBielawski, Christopher W.; Hwang, ChiwonMaster's thesis149
2016-01Post-polymerization modification of poly(vinyl ether)s: A Ru-catalyzed oxidative synthesis of poly(vinyl ester)s and poly(propenyl ester)sLiu, Di; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE552
2016-05Rapid thermal decomposition of confined graphene oxide films in airChen, Xianjue; Meng, Dongli; Wang, Bin; Li, Bao-Wen; Li, Wei; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE773
2017-03Real-Time, in Situ Monitoring of the Oxidation of Graphite: Lessons LearnedMorimoto, Naoki; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Takeuchi, Yasuo; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Kunisu, Masahiro; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Nishina, YutaARTICLE329
2019-04Redox- and light-switchable N-heterocyclic carbenes: a "soup-to-nuts'' course on contemporary structure-activity relationshipsRyu, Yeonkyeong; Ahumada, Guillermo; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE206
2019-02Redox-Switchable Cross Metathesis and Acyclic Diene Metathesis PolymerizationBielawski, Christopher W.; Ryu, YeonkyeongMaster's thesis168
2019-10Redox-switchable olefin cross metathesis (CM) reactions and acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerizationsRyu, Yeonkyeong; Shao, Huiling; Ahumada, Guillermo; Liu, Peng; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE95
2017-09Remote Control Grubbs Catalysts That Modulate Ring-Opening Metathesis PolymerizationsTeator, Aaron J.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE299
2019-01Ru(II)-based antineoplastic: A "wingtip" N-heterocyclic carbene facilitates access to a new class of organometallics that are cytotoxic to common cancer cell linesMondal, Ambarish; Tripathy, Rajat K.; Dutta, Parul; Santra, Manas Kumar; Isab, Anvarhusein A.; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Kisan, Hemanta K.; Chandra, Swapan K.; Dinda, JoydevARTICLE324
2015-04Simple coordination complex-derived three-dimensional mesoporous graphene as an efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalystLee, Kyung Joo; Sa, Young Jin; Jeong, Hu Young; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Joo, Sang Hoon; Moon, Hoi RiARTICLE1308
Showing results 59 to 78 of 93