SLS_Theses_Ph.D. 15

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2017-08Developing Multi-functional Nanoplatforms Using Protein ArchitecturesKang, Sebyung; Moon, HyojinDoctoral thesis33
2017-08The Korean Reference GenomeBhak, Jong; Cho, Yun SungDoctoral thesis86
2017-08Smart Surgical Microscope based on Optical Coherence Domain ReflectometryJung, Woonggyu; Shin, SungWonDoctoral thesis31
2017-08The Dynamics of Mitochondrial Transport in NeuronsMin, Kyung-Tai; Niescier, Robert FrancisDoctoral thesis39
2017-08TonEBP in macrophages and adipocytes contributes to obesity and type 2 diabetesKwon, Hyug Moo; Lee, Hwan HeeDoctoral thesis37
2016-08Study of protein cage nanoparticles for biomedical applicationKang, Sebyung; Kang, YoungjiDoctoral thesis202
2016-08Dual contrast microvascular MRICho, HyungJoon; Jung, HoeSuDoctoral thesis215
2016-02Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Membrane Vesicles Deliver Virulence Factors into Host Cells In vitroMitchell, Robert James; Kalanjana, Monnappa AjayDoctoral thesis369
2016-02Toward fast and robust in vivo MR quantification of microvasculatureCho, HyungJoon; Han, SoHyunDoctoral thesis359
2016-02The intrinsic role of CD8α- dendritic cell subset in the initiation of effective humoral immunityCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Shin, ChangsikDoctoral thesis399
2015-02Studies on the Predatory Bacterium Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus and Its Impact on Bacterial BiofilmsMitchell, Robert J.; Dwidar, Mohammed Essam Eldin Ibrahim MohammedDoctoral thesis455
2015-02Deciphering the Molecular Underpinnings of the Cryptic Cellobiose Metabolism in Escherichia coli : An omics guided approach to modularize CBP microbesLee, Sung Kuk; PARISUTHAM, VINUSELVIDoctoral thesis695
2015-02Pro-survival function of the mitochondrial Hsp90 homolog, TRAP1, in cancer cells and insight into cancer therapyKang, Byoung Heon; Park, Hye-KyungDoctoral thesis498
2014-08Identification of the Toxic Mechanisms Employed by Lignin Derivatives and Its Application to Improve n-Butanol Production within Clostridium beijerinckiiMitchell, Robert J.; Lee, SiseonDoctoral thesis587
2014-08Fully Integrated Lab-on-a-Disc for Point-of-Care DiagnosticsCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, Tae-HyeongDoctoral thesis433