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2018-08Atmospheric dependence on efficiency of perovskite solar cells fabricated with Zn2SnO4 electrodeSeok, Sang Il; Paik, MinjaeMaster's thesis33
2018-08Ultraviolet-curable Silicone/Urethane Elastomer and Its Selective Modulus EnhancementLee, Jiseok; Kim, DajeongMaster's thesis46
2018-08Synthesis of highly transparent photoresist for ultrathick patternsJang, Ji-Hyun; Yu, Sun-YoungMaster's thesis38
2018-08Synthesis of Cobalt-based Catalysts using Polyoxometalate for Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water OxidationRyu, Jungki; Han, YujinMaster's thesis31
2018-08Study on Si-Conducting Polymer Core-Shell Anodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesPark, Soojin; Shin, SungheeMaster's thesis38
2018-08Nanobead-reinforced outmost shell of solid-electrolyte interphase layers for suppressing dendritic growth of lithium metalSong, Hyun-Kon; Kim, MinsooMaster's thesis50
2018-08Multi-dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials for SupercapacitorsJang, Ji-Hyun; Min, Jin-WookMaster's thesis28
2018-08Meso/micro-porous graphitic carbon for highly efficient capacitive deionizationJang, Ji-Hyun; Kang, JihunMaster's thesis30
2018-08Functional electrolyte additive to improve electrochemical properties of silicon-based anodes for lithium ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Park, SewonMaster's thesis32
2018-08Effect of trimethylsilyl isothiocyanate additive on fast charging capability of Li-ion batteryChoi, Nam-Soon; Jeong, Min-youngMaster's thesis22
2018-08Design and Synthesis of Carbon-based Porous Organic NetworksBaek, Jong-Beom; Shin, Sun-HeeMaster's thesis27
2018-08Conversion of Polyacrylonitrile to Nitrogen-Doped GrapheneShin, Hyeon Suk; Nam, Han JaeMaster's thesis33
2018-08Bioelectrochemical conversion of CO2 to value added product formate using engineered Methylobacterium extorquensKim, Yong Hwan; Jang, JunghoMaster's thesis34
2018-08Biodegradable, electro-active chitin nanofiber films for flexible piezoelectric transducersKang, Seok Ju; Kim, KyungtaeMaster's thesis27
2018-02Ab initio Study of the Nature of Halogen Bonding from the X-π InteractionsBaig, Chunggi; Kim, Dong YeonMaster's thesis102
2018-02Design and Characterization of Heteroaromatic π-Conjugated Semiconducting MaterialsYang, Changduk; Han, DaeheeMaster's thesis135
2018-02Concise Synthesis of Quinazolines, Quinazolinones, Sulfonimide Salts and TriazolesHong, Sung You; Kang, Mi EunMaster's thesis124
2018-02Compact and cross-linked nanoparticles: nano- platform for highly stable, versatile conjugation and its bio-applicationPark, Jongnam; Han, Im KyungMaster's thesis107
2018-02A Study on the Effects of Inactive Materials in Slurry and Electrode Structure on Rapid Charge of Lithium-ion BatteryJeong, Kyeong-Min; Kang, YounghyeMaster's thesis215
2018-02An organic-free electrolyte for stable lithium-oxygen batteriesKang, Seok Ju; Cha, AmingMaster's thesis106