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2018-08A Geometric Feature-based Stress and Deformation Estimation Model for Optimal Assembly Part Positioning on Transformable Pin-jigsKim, Duck-Young; Park, JongilMaster's thesis49
2018-08Twin Premier: Future Form Factor for Autonomous VehicleJeong, Yunwoo; Goo, KyohweMaster's thesis98
2018-08Decoding arm kinematic parameters from motor cortical ensemble activity using long short-term memoryKim, Sung-Phil; Park, JisungMaster's thesis49
2018-08Assembly Task Recognition and Imitation via Incorporating Motion Reference Models with Raw Depth Data for Intuitive Robot TeachingKim, Duck Young; Park, KeebeomMaster's thesis61
2018-02An abrupt variance analysis of multiple sensor signals for dimension reduction in fault diagnosis and prognosisKim, Duck Young; Oh, Ha YoungMaster's thesis109
2018-02The Development of a Balance Body Exercise Platform: Applications in the Treatment of Spine related DisordersKim, KwanMyung; Kim, MyungjinMaster's thesis162
2018-02Quietto: a Concrete-casted Interactive Timepiece Representing Schedules through the Time IntervalPark, Young-Woo; Lee, Kyung-RyongMaster's thesis147
2018-02Product Semantics & Design-driven Innovation in Meaning: The effect of Aesthetic InteractionSelf, James. A; Jeong, GeehyukMaster's thesis210
2018-02Physicalizing Information with Magnitude for Reducing User’s Cognitive LoadKim, Chajoong; Jo, BongjoMaster's thesis153
2018-02Metaphor Design and User Perception in terms of Form and Interaction.Kim, Chajoong; Han, Im KyungMaster's thesis193
2018-02Mechanical Properties Assessment and Reliability Verification for FDM 3D Printed ProductsLee, Seungchul; Kim, Hee-ChangMaster's thesis149
2018-02Helping Friends Suffering Mental Health Issues: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Support on Social Media from the Peer’s Point of ViewHong, Hwajung; Kim, TaewanMaster's thesis142
2018-02Exploring the opportunity area for convergence home appliances and single person household: Focusing on Korea air purifier market and interest in fashion 20-30sJeong, Yun-Woo; Kim, Jae-HeeMaster's thesis161
2018-02Development of an On-chip Health Monitoring System for Solder Joints using Bit Error RatesKwon, Daeil; Shin, InsunMaster's thesis124
2018-02Designing Toolkits for Self-Tracking and Self-Intervention to Improve Mental HealthHong, Hwajung; Lee, KwangyoungMaster's thesis163
2018-02Deep learning applications in manufacturing: Sound-based fault detection and human motion recognitionLee, Seungchul; Kim, SuhyunMaster's thesis210
2017-08In-Process Laser Welding Monitoring by Fusing the Uncertain Signal Information of Multi-Photodiode SensorsKim, Duck-Young; Oh, RockuMaster's thesis272
2017-08Ergonomic Evaluation and Design Process for Healthcare Products: A Case Study of Patient Transfer DesignShin, Gwanseob; Park, JeongminMaster's thesis220
2017-08Thin-slicing process of preference in EEGKim, Sung-Phil; Park, JonghyeokMaster's thesis182
2017-02Experience Insighter: an inspiration tool for providing actual user experiences with design practitionersKim, Chajoong; Kang, RaeseongMaster's thesis273