DHE_Theses_Master 45

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2017-08In-Process Laser Welding Monitoring by Fusing the Uncertain Signal Information of Multi-Photodiode SensorsKim, Duck-Young; Oh, RockuMaster's thesis36
2017-08Ergonomic Evaluation and Design Process for Healthcare Products: A Case Study of Patient Transfer DesignShin, Gwanseob; Park, JeongminMaster's thesis41
2017-08Thin-slicing process of preference in EEGKim, Sung-Phil; Park, JonghyeokMaster's thesis33
2017-02Experience Insighter: an inspiration tool for providing actual user experiences with design practitionersKim, Chajoong; Kang, RaeseongMaster's thesis118
2017-02Feature selection for EEG Based biometricsKim, Sung-Phil; Lee, ChunghoMaster's thesis62
2017-02A Steering Wheel Mounted Grip Sensor: Design, Development and EvaluationOakley, Ian; Suraiya Jahan LizaMaster's thesis118
2017-02Geometry Appcessory for Visually Impaired ChildrenOakley, Ian; Adusei, MarianMaster's thesis55
2017-02WEARABLE DESIGN FOR VIOLENT CRIME AGAINST CHILDRENBaek, Joon Sang; Chang, KidoMaster's thesis112
2017-02Sticky-up: a paper-based tangible programming learning kit for child educationKim, KwanMyung; Lim, Ji-HyunMaster's thesis121
2017-02Adding Value to Boksoondoga through Product (re)DesignSelf, James A.; Lee, Sung KeunMaster's thesis63
2017-02NEST : The development of functional furniture as product convergenceKim, Chajoong; Ahn, YoonkiMaster's thesis59
2017-02SONORE : Design for improving maternal health in MoroccoKim, KwanMyung; Moon, NaraeMaster's thesis65
2016-08Neurocinematics as passive-BCI based Applicaition : The EEG study on neural responses of human during watching movieKim, Sung-Phil; Kang, DayoonMaster's thesis359
2016-08A study on manufacturing complexity and difficulty in a mixed model assembly line: Application of Automobile assembly processKim, Namjun; Ju, IkchanMaster's thesis275
2016-08A Study of Additive Manufacturing Technology as a Manufacturing Tool of the Automotive IndustryKim, Namhun; Han, HweeyoungMaster's thesis438
2016-08Design for privacy in public space: Keeping your own personal space among othersKim, Chajoong; Cho, KwangminMaster's thesis315
2016-08The sticky brain: A fMRI study of stickinessKim, Sung-Phil; Yeon, JiwonMaster's thesis237
2016-08Identification and Assessment of Fall Risks in Community-Dwelling Korean Older WomenShin, Gwanseob; Kim, TaekyoungMaster's thesis197
2016-08Is standing office ergonomic? Effects of working posture type on body discomfort and physical demandShin, Gwanseob; Kang, HwayeongMaster's thesis311
2016-02Effects of task duration, display curvature, and presbyopia on physiological and perceived visual fatigue for 27” desktop monitorsKyung, Gyouhyung; Choi, DongheeMaster's thesis391