ETC_Journal Papers

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201810Electrokinetic transport properties of deoxynucleotide monophosphates (dNMPs) through thermoplastic nanochannelsO'Neil, Colleen; Amarasekara, Charuni A., et alARTICLE27
201809Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and crystallographic behavior of ethyl 2-(4-methyl-(2-benzylidenehydraziny1))thiazole-4-carboxylate: Experimental and theoretical (DFT) studiesHaroon, Muhammad; Akhtar, Tashfeen, et alARTICLE27
201809Highly Crystalline Pd13Cu3S7 Nanoplates Prepared via Partial Cation Exchange of Cu1.81S Templates as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution ReactionPark, Jongsik; Jin, Haneul, et alARTICLE0
201809An IrRu alloy nanocactus on Cu2-xS@IrSy as a highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst toward overall water splitting in acidic electrolytesJoo, Jinhwan; Jin, Haneul, et alARTICLE0
201809Overview of Meteorological Surface Variables and Boundary-layer Structures in the Seoul Metropolitan Area during the MAPS-Seoul CampaignPark, Moon-SooARTICLE0
201809Piezoelectric properties of (Na0.5K0.5)(Nb1-xSbx)O-3-SrTiO3 ceramics with tetragonal-pseudocubic PPB structureKim, Dae-Hyeon; Lee, Tae-Gon, et alARTICLE28
201808Recent development on carbon based heterostructures for their applications in energy and environment: A reviewJayaraman, Theerthagiri; Murthy, Arun Prasad, et alARTICLE26
201808Nanodendrites of platinum-group metals for electrocatalytic applicationsChaudhari, Nitin K.; Joo, Jinwhan, et alARTICLE0
201808Synthesis and radical polymerization properties of thermal radical initiators based on o-imino-isourea: The effect of the alkyl side chain on the radical initiation temperatureLee, Kyu Cheol; Jeong, Su Bin, et alARTICLE24
201808Junctionless Sandwiched-gate Logic Design using Novel Device StructureRyu, Myunghwan; Kim, YoungminARTICLE0
201808Calprotectin influences the aggregation of metal-free and metal-bound amyloid- beta by direct interactionLee, Hyuck Jin; Savelieff, Masha G., et alARTICLE0
201808A fluorene-terminated hole-transporting material for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cellsJeon, Nam Joong; Na, Hyejin, et alARTICLE0
201808Wavelet-like convolutional neural network structure for time-series data classificationPark, Seungtae; Jeong, Haedong, et alARTICLE0
201808B-Spline Approximations of the Gaussian, their Gabor Frame Properties, and Approximately Dual FramesChristensen, Ole; Kim, Hong Oh, et alARTICLE0
201808Hexagonal array micro-convex patterned substrate for improving diffused transmittance in perovskite solar cellsOh, Kyoung Suk; Byun, Minseop, et alARTICLE0
201807Effect of Annealing Temperature on Structural and Optical Properties of Sol–Gel-Derived ZnO Thin FilmsArif, Mohd.; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE27
201807Electromagnetic Thermal Noise in Upper-Hybrid Frequency RangeYoon, Peter H.; Hwang, Junga, et alARTICLE0
201807Engineered nanomaterials for plant growth and development: A perspective analysisVerma, Sandeep Kumar; Das, Ashok Kumar, et alARTICLE91
201807El Nino-Southern Oscillation complexityTimmermann, Axel; An, Soon-Il, et alARTICLE0
201807Thermodynamic assessment of carbazole-based organic polycyclic compounds for hydrogen storage applications via a computational approachShin, Byeong Soo; Yoon, Chang Won, et alARTICLE0