ETC_Journal Papers

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201807Engineered nanomaterials for plant growth and development: A perspective analysisVerma, Sandeep Kumar; Das, Ashok Kumar, et alARTICLE28
201806Sputter deposited chromium nitride thin electrodes for supercapacitor applicationsArif, Mohd; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE10
201806Triclosan-immobilized polyamide thin film composite membranes with enhanced biofouling resistancePark, Sang-Hee; Hwang, Seon Oh, et alARTICLE27
201805QMCPACK: an open source ab initio quantum Monte Carlo package for the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solidsKim, Jeongnim; Baczewski, Andrew T., et alARTICLE8
201805Discrete-time nonlinear damping backstepping control with observers for rejection of low and high frequency disturbancesKim, Wonhee; Chen, Xu, et alARTICLE111
201804Does Official Development Assistance Promote Foreign Policy Cooperation from its Recipients? The Case of South KoreaJung, Changkuk; Cho, Wonbin, et alARTICLE11
201804X-Ray Study of Variable Gamma-Ray Pulsar PSR J2021+4026Wang, H. H.; Takata, J., et alARTICLE14
201804Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of copolymers with a fluoro quinoxaline unitSong, Suhee; Kim, Seungmin, et alARTICLE21
201804Analysis of length of hospital stay using electronic health records: A statistical and data mining approachBaek, Hyunyoung; Cho, Minsu, et alARTICLE13
201804Thermal Stability Enhanced Tetraethylenepentamine/Silica Adsorbents for High Performance CO2 CapturePark, Sunghyun; Choi, Keunsu, et alARTICLE13
201803Dual stimuli responsive self-reporting material for chemical reservoir coatingLee, Tae Hee; Song, Young Kyu, et alARTICLE107
201803Organic fouling characterization of a CTA-based spiral-wound forward osmosis (SWFO) membrane used in wastewater reuse and seawater desalinationIm, Sung-Ju; Rho, Hojung, et alARTICLE16
201803Balancedness among competitions for biodiversity in the cyclic structured three species systemPark, JunpyoARTICLE122
201803Monitoring Fluorescence Colors to Separately Identify Cracks and Healed Cracks in Microcapsule-containing Self-healing CoatingSong Y.K.; Kim B., et alARTICLE107
201803Type I interferon and proinflammatory cytokine levels in cerebrospinal fluid of newborns with rotavirus-associated leukoencephalopathyLee, Kyung Yeon; Moon, Chang Hoon, et alARTICLE10
201803Bees swarm optimization guided by data mining techniques for document information retrievalDjenouri, Youcef; Belhadi, Asma, et alARTICLE124
201802Durability of template-free Fe-N-C foams for electrochemical oxygen reduction in alkaline solutionMufundirwa A.; Harrington G.F., et alARTICLE124
201802Superconducting Properties in Y-doped Semimetallic Bi3O2S3 SuperconductorsKim, Gun Cheol; Cheon, Miyeon, et alARTICLE17
201802Effect of time-varying flow-shear on the nonlinear stability of the boundary of magnetized toroidal plasmasOh, Youngmin; Hwang, Hyung Ju, et alARTICLE27
201802A Non-thermal Pulsed X-Ray Emission of AR ScorpiiTakata, J.; Hu, C. -P., et alARTICLE78