SME_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTDevelopment of a Lifelogs-based Daily Wellness Score to Advance a Smart Wellness ServiceKim, K; Kim, K, et alARTICLE174
ACCEPTDevelopment of Service Concepts that Utilize Health-related Data: A Case Study with the National Health Insurance Service of South KoreaKim, K; Lim, Chiehyeon, et alARTICLE211
201811Ant-Colony Optimisation for Path Recommendation in Business Process ExecutionComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE21
201811Operating without operations: how is technology changing the role of the firm?Breidbach, Christoph F.; Choi, Sunmee, et alARTICLE93
201811Experience Design Board: A tool for visualizing and designing experience-centric service delivery processesLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, KwangjaeARTICLE152
201809Screening early stage ideas in technology development processes: a text mining and k-nearest neighbours approach using patent informationWoo, Han-Gyun; Yeom, Jaesun, et alARTICLE57
201809A semantic network model for measuring engagement and performance in online learning platformsLim, Sunghoon; Tucker, Conrad S., et alARTICLE67
201808Why your smart beta portfolio might not workLee, Yongjae; KIm, Woo ChangARTICLE76
201808A Data-Driven Procedure of Providing a Health Promotion Program for Hypertension PreventionLee, Junghye; Kwon, Ryeok-Hwan, et alARTICLE126
201808Spatial cluster detection in mobility networks: a copula approachKim, Heeyoung; Duan, Rong, et alARTICLE55
201808Optimal directed hypergraph traversal with ant-colony optimisationComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE46
201806Data-Driven Understanding of Smart Service Systems Through Text MiningLim, Chiehyeon; Maglio, Paul P.ARTICLE198
201806Anticipating technological convergence: Link prediction using Wikipedia hyperlinksKim, Juram; Kim, Seungho, et alARTICLE72
201806Automated Discovery of Product Feature Inferences Within Large-Scale Implicit Social Media DataTuarob, Suppawong; Lim, Sunghoon, et alARTICLE69
201805Privacy-Preserving Predictive Modeling: Harmonization of Contextual Embeddings From Different SourcesHuang, Yingxiang; Lee, Junghye, et alARTICLE82
201805Smart cities with big data: Reference models, challenges, and considerationsLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, Kwang-Jae, et alARTICLE177
201804A similarity based prognostics approach for real time health management of electronics using impedance analysis and SVM regressionLee, Changyong; Kwon, DaeilARTICLE114
201804Deep learning-based monitoring of overshooting cloud tops from geostationary satellite dataKim, Miae; Lee, Junghye, et alARTICLE80
201804From data to value: A nine-factor framework for data-based value creation in information-intensive servicesLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, Ki-Hun, et alARTICLE389
201804Privacy-Preserving Patient Similarity Learning in a Federated Environment: Development and AnalysisLee, Junghye; Sun, Jimeng, et alARTICLE117