SLS_Journal Papers

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201901Quantitative Evaluation of Skin Surface Roughness Using Optical Coherence Tomography In VivoAskaruly, Sanzhar; Ahn, Yujin, et alARTICLE14
201811The robustness of T2 value as a trabecular structural index at multiple spatial resolutions of 7 Tesla MRILee, DongKyu; Song, Young Kyu, et alARTICLE197
201811Molecular basis for damage recognition and verification by XPC-RAD23B and TFIIH in nucleotide excision repairMu, Hong; Geacintov, Nicholas E., et alARTICLE11
201811Protein Cage Nanoparticles as Delivery NanoplatformsChoi, Bongseo; Kim, Hansol, et alARTICLE9
201811Ergosterol interacts with Sey1p to promote atlastin-mediated endoplasmic reticulum membrane fusion in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLee, Miriam; Moon, Yeojin, et alARTICLE10
201811Microfluidic-based solid phase extraction of cell free DNACampos, Camila D. M.; Gamage, Sachindra S. T., et alARTICLE8
201811Evaluation of fouling in nanofiltration for desalination using a resistance-in-series model and optical coherence tomographyPark, Jongkwan; Lee, Sungyun, et alARTICLE67
201811Ataxin-2: A versatile posttranscriptional regulator and its implication in neural functionLee, Jongbo; Kim, Minjong, et alARTICLE87
201811Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) pipette tip for immunomagnetic bacteria separationOh, Sein; Jung, Su Hyun, et alARTICLE114
201810Sequence-dependent DNA condensation as a driving force of DNA phase separationKang, Hyunju; Yoo, Jejoong, et alARTICLE137
201810Cloaking nanoparticles with protein corona shield for targeted drug deliveryOh, Jun Yong; Kim, Hansol, et alARTICLE28
201810Surface-Engineered Paper Hanging Drop Chip for 3D Spheroid Culture and AnalysisMichael, Issac. J.; Kumar, Sumit, et alARTICLE10
201810The E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM25 regulates adipocyte differentiation via proteasomemediated degradation of PPAR gammaLee, Jae Min; Choi, Sun Sil, et alARTICLE86
201810Deep line-temporal focusing with high axial resolution and a large field-of-view using intracavity control and incoherent pulse shapingLou, Kai; Wang, Bo, et alARTICLE14
201810Bio-inspired hollow PDMS sponge for enhanced oil-water separationShin, Jung Hwal; Heo, Jun-Ho, et alARTICLE104
201810Single Dose Radiotherapy Disables Tumor Cell Homologous Recombination Via Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryCho, Hyungjoon; BODO, S, et alARTICLE23
201810ITGBL1 modulates integrin activity to promote cartilage formation and protect against arthritis.Song, Eun Kyung; Jeon, Jimin, et alARTICLE47
201810Perspective: Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light scattering in biological tissues: Toward in vivo applicationsPark, Jung-Hoon; Yu, Zhipeng, et alARTICLE120
201809Substrate curvature affects the shape, orientation, and polarization of renal epithelial cellsYu, Sun-Min; Oh, Jung Min, et alARTICLE157
201809A linked organ-on-chip model of the human neurovascular unit reveals the metabolic coupling of endothelial and neuronal cellsMaoz, Ben N; Herland, Anna, et alARTICLE76