SLS_Journal Papers

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201811Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) pipette tip for immunomagnetic bacteria separationOh, Sein; Jung, Su Hyun, et alARTICLE85
201811Evaluation of fouling in nanofiltration for desalination using a resistance-in-series model and optical coherence tomographyPark, Jongkwan; Lee, Sungyun, et alARTICLE38
201810Perspective: Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light scattering in biological tissues: Toward in vivo applicationsPark, Jung-Hoon; Yu, Zhipeng, et alARTICLE101
201810ITGBL1 modulates integrin activity to promote cartilage formation and protect against arthritis.Song, Eun Kyung; Jeon, Jimin, et alARTICLE10
201809Substrate curvature affects the shape, orientation, and polarization of renal epithelial cellsYu, Sun-Min; Oh, Jung Min, et alARTICLE128
201809Netrin-1/DCC-mediated PLC Gamma1 activation is required for axon guidance and brain structure developmentCho, Hyungjoon; Kang, DS, et alARTICLE37
201809COL6A3-derived endotrophin links reciprocal interactions among hepatic cells in the pathology of chronic liver diseaseLee, Changu; Kim, Min, et alARTICLE23
201809Peroxiredoxin5 controls vertebrate ciliogenesis by modulating mitochondrial ROSJi, Yurim; Chae, Soomin, et alARTICLE11
201809The THO Complex Coordinates Transcripts for Synapse Development and Dopamine Neuron SurvivalMaeder, Celine I.; Kim, Jae-Ick, et alARTICLE6
201809Gradient‐echo and spin-echo blood oxygenation level-dependent functional MRI at ultrahigh fields of 9.4 and 15.2 TeslaHan, SoHyun; Son, Jeong Pyo, et alARTICLE49
201808Investigation on vascular cytotoxicity and extravascular transport of cationic polymer nanoparticles using perfusable 3D microvessel modelAhn, Jungho; Cho, Chong-Su, et alARTICLE100
201808Synthetic Lethal and Convergent Biological Effects of Cancer-Associated Spliceosomal Gene MutationsLee, Stanley Chun-Wei; North, Khrystyna, et alARTICLE100
201808Advection Flows‐Enhanced Magnetic Separation for High‐Throughput Bacteria Separation from Undiluted Whole BloodJung, Su Hyun; Hahn, Young Ki, et alARTICLE125
201808A linked organ-on-chip model of the human neurovascular unit reveals the metabolic coupling of endothelial and neuronal cellsMaoz, Ben N; Herland, Anna, et alARTICLE56
201808Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of two Egyptian genomesElHefnawi, Mahmoud; Jeon, Sungwon, et alARTICLE35
201808Cloaked Exosomes: Biocompatible, Durable, and Degradable EncapsulationKumar, Sumit; Michael, Issac J, et alARTICLE120
201808Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus HD100, a predator of Gram-negative bacteria, benefits energetically from Staphylococcus aureus biofilms without predationIm, Hansol; Dwidar, Mohammed, et alARTICLE140
201808Fabrication of Nanoreaction Clusters with Dual‐Functionalized Protein Cage Nanobuilding BlocksChoi, Hyukjun; Choi, Bongseo, et alARTICLE141
201807Sequence-dependent DNA condensation as a driving force of DNA phase separationKang, Hyunju; Yoo, Jejoong, et alARTICLE81
201807Cerebral blood perfusion deficits using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI with gadolinium chelates in rats with post-ischemic reperfusion without significant dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI-derived vessel permeabilities: A cautionary noteJin, Seokha; Kang, MungSoo, et alARTICLE41