ECHE_Journal Papers

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200205Mg-doped WO3 as a novel photocatalyst for visible light-induced water splittingHwang, Dong Won; Kim, Jindo, et alARTICLE356
200204Novel cathodes for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cellsXia, CR; Liu, MeilinARTICLE502
200204W/O 에멀젼법을 이용한 중공형 실리카 미립구의 졸-겔 제조Kim, Mi Sun; Seok, Sang Il, et alARTICLE611
200204Cycloisomerization of 5-(o-tolyl)-pentene over modified zeolite BEAChoo, Dae Hyun; Kim, Hae Jin, et alARTICLE500
200204Temperature gradient interaction chromatography and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis of stereoregular poly(ethyl methacrylate)sCho, D; Park, Soojin, et alARTICLE406
200203Infrared spectroscopy of glasses and polycrystals in the series xCs(2)S+(1-x)B2S3Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SWARTICLE416
200203Oxygen contribution on Li-ion intercalation-deinterealation in LiCoO2 investigated by OK-edge and Co L-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopyYoon, Won-Sub; Kim, Kwang-Bum, et alARTICLE484
200203Organic electroluminescent devices based on polyurethane derivatives having substituted stilbene pendantsLee, GH; Jin, Y, et alARTICLE309
200203The effect of a metal-oxide coating on the cycling Behavior at 55 degrees C in orthorhombic LiMnO2 cathode materialsCho, Jaephil; Kim, TJ, et alARTICLE435
200202Effect of Al2O3-coated o-LiMnO2 cathodes prepared at various temperatures on the 55 degrees C cycling behaviorCho, Jaephil; Kim, YJ, et alARTICLE391
200202Structural study of mesoporous MCM-48 and carbon networks synthesized in the spaces of MCM-48 by electron crystallographyKaneda, M; Tsubakiyama, T, et alARTICLE525
200202Synthesis of mesoporous silicas of controlled pore wall thickness and their replication to ordered nanoporous carbons with various pore diametersLee, JS; Joo, Sang Hoon, et alARTICLE353
2002Novel synthesis of porous carbons with tunable pore size by surfactant-templated sol-gel process and carbonisationLee, Kyu Tae; Oh, SMARTICLE299
2002The Electrochemical Properties on the Silver Doped Vanadium Oxide XerogelKim, Guntae; 박희구, et alARTICLE433
2002In situ XAFS characterization of supported homogeneous catalystsLee, Jae Sung; Park, Eun DuckARTICLE314
2002전기발광고분자의 양자효율 측정Lee, K; Park, S, et alARTICLE557
2002Ion-implantation modification of lithium-phosphorus oxynitride thin-filmsKim B.; Cho Y.S., et alARTICLE381
2002Detailed structure of the hexagonally packed mesostructured carbon material CMK-3Solovyov, LA; Shmakov, AN, et alARTICLE441
2002Mesoporous materials for heavy metal ion adsorption synthesized by displacement of polymeric templateAntochshuk, V; Jaroniec, M, et alARTICLE479
200112Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse maghemite nanocrystallites without a size-selection processHyeon, T; Lee, SS, et alARTICLE349