ECHE_Journal Papers

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201801Template free facile synthesis of mesoporous mordenite for bulky molecular catalytic reactionsSingh, Bhupendra Kumar; Kim, Yongseon, et alARTICLE116
2018Formamidinium-based planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells with alkali carbonate-doped zinc oxide layerJeong, Jaeki; Kim, Haeyeon, et alARTICLE19
2018Fabrication of gold nanowires in micropatterns using block copolymersKim, Ye Chan; Kim, So YounARTICLE56
2018Ambipolar organic phototransistors based on 6,6'-dibromoindigoKim, Hyoeun; Kim, Gyoungsik, et alARTICLE79
201712Introduction of an acetyl-CoA carboxylation bypass into Escherichia coli for enhanced free fatty acid productionShin, Kwang Soo; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE366
201712Precious metal-free approach to hydrogen electrocatalysis for energy conversion: From mechanism understanding to catalyst designWang, Tanyuan; Xie, Huan, et alARTICLE268
201712Experimental and simulation studies for reaction enhancement of catalytic CF4 hydrolysis by consecutive HF removal using a multi-stage catalyst-adsorbent reactorHan, Jae-Yun; Kim, Chang-Hyun, et alARTICLE11
201712Superoxide stability for reversible Na-O2 electrochemistryDilimon, V.S.; Hwang, Chihyun, et alARTICLE161
201712Charge transport in graphene oxideChang, Dong Wook; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE159
201712Controlled Crystal Growth of Two-Dimensional Layered Nanomaterials in Hydrogel via a Modified Electrical Double Migration MethodGwak, Gyeong-Hyeon; Kwon, Na Kyung, et alARTICLE139
201712Sorption enhanced catalytic CF4 hydrolysis with a three-stage catalyst-adsorbent reactorHan, Jae-Yun; Kim, Chang-Hyun, et alARTICLE12
201712Feasibility of Cathode Surface Coating Technology for High-Energy Lithium-ion and Beyond-Lithium-ion BatteriesKalluri, Sujith; Yoon, Moonsu, et alARTICLE138
201712Metabolic engineering of Klebsiella pneumoniae J2B for the production of 1,3-propanediol from glucoseLama, Suman; Seol, Eunhee, et alARTICLE150
201712Synergistic Effect of Partially Fluorinated Ether and Fluoroethylene Carbonate for High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries with Rapid Chargeability and DischargeabilityKim, Choon-Ki; Kim, Koeun, et alARTICLE188
201712Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation by an Ultrasonic Chemical Reaction for Energy Storage SystemsKim, Hyun-Tak; Shin, HyeonOh, et alARTICLE214
201712Magnetic Frustration Driven by Itinerancy in Spinel CoV2O4Lee, Jun Hee; Ma, J., et alARTICLE98
201712Sodium-Containing Spinel Zinc Ferrite as a Catalyst Precursor for the Selective Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbon FuelsChoi, Yo Han; Ra, Eun Cheol, et alARTICLE97
201712A Designed Ladder-Type Heteroarene Benzodi(Thienopyran) for High-Performance Fullerene-Free Organic Solar CellsWu, Hao; Fan, Haijun, et alARTICLE90
201712Improved interface control for high-performance graphene-based organic solar cellsJung, Seungon; Lee, Junghyun, et alARTICLE750
201712Transparent and Flexible Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Sensors Based on Gold Nanostar Arrays Embedded in Silicon Rubber FilmPark, Seungyoung; Lee, Jiwon, et alARTICLE124