MSE_Journal Papers 1418

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201805A highly sensitive gas-sensing platform based on a metal-oxide nanowire forest grown on a suspended carbon nanowire fabricated at a wafer levelLim, Yeongjin; Kim, Soosung, et alARTICLE172
201804Alcohol gas sensors capable of wireless detection using In2O3/Pt nanoparticles and Ag nanowiresKim, So-Yun; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE44
201803Anchoring effect of Ni2+ in stabilizing reduced metallic particles for growing single-walled carbon nanotubesHe, Maoshuai; Wang, Xiao, et alARTICLE65
2018013D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials using all-inorganic Bi2Te3-based inksFredrick Kim; Kwon, Beomjin, et alARTICLE191
201801Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless circuits, glucose sensors, and displaysPark, Jihun; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE69
201801Indentation size effect for spherical nanoindentation on nanoporous goldKim, Young-Cheon; Gwak, Eun-Ji, et alARTICLE166
201801Large-area niobium disulfide thin films as transparent electrodes for devices based on two-dimensional materialsBark, Hunyoung; Choi, Yongsuk, et alARTICLE128
201801Reaction characteristics of Ni-Al nanolayers by molecular dynamics simulationJung, Gwan Yeong; Jeon, Woo Cheol, et alARTICLE83
201801Highly efficient and stable inverted perovskite solar cell employing PEDOT:GO composite layer as a hole transport layerYu, Jae Choul; Hong, Ji A, et alARTICLE38
201712Atomic-scale characterization of plasma-induced damage in plasma-enhanced atomic layer depositionKim, Kangsik; Oh, Il-Kwon, et alARTICLE123
201712Transition Metal-Based Thiometallates as Surface Ligands for Functionalization of All-Inorganic NanocrystalsJeong, Hyewon; Yoon, Sinmyung, et alARTICLE126
201712High-strain-rate superplasticity of fine-grained Mg–6Zn–0.5Zr alloy subjected to low-temperature indirect extrusionKim, Beomcheol; Kim, Jong Chan, et alARTICLE250
201712The First Transmission Electron Microscope Image Imagined by Artificial IntelligenceLee, Jongyeong; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE73
201712A model delineating the dielectric spectra of a relaxor PLZTobtained by impedance analyzerHong, Chang-Hyo; Jo, WookARTICLE56
201712Formation of 3D graphene-Ni foam heterostructures with enhanced performance and durability for bipolar plates in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellSim, Yeoseon; Kwak, Jinsung, et alARTICLE122
201712Biomimetic Chitin–Silk Hybrids: An Optically Transparent Structural Platform for Wearable Devices and Advanced ElectronicsHong, Moo-Seok; Choi, Gwang-Mun, et alARTICLE57
201712Room-Temperature-Phosphorescence-Based Dissolved Oxygen Detection by Core-Shell Polymer Nanoparticles Containing Metal-Free Organic PhosphorsYu, Youngchang; Kwon, Min Sang, et alARTICLE54
201712Photo-stimulated triboelectric generationYe, Byeong Uk; Lee, Sang Yun, et alARTICLE66
201711Self-assembled, highly crystalline porous ferroelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) interlayer for Si/organic hybrid solar cellsKang, Sung Bum; Jeong, Myeong Hun, et alARTICLE76
201711Investigation of the aging behavior and orientation relationships in Fe–31.4Mn–11.4Al–0.89C low-density steelLee, Keunho; Park, Seong-Jun, et alARTICLE126