MSE_Journal Papers 1437

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201806Graphitization of graphene oxide films under pressureChen, Xianjue; Deng, Xiaomei, et alARTICLE29
201805A model delineating the dielectric spectra of a relaxor PLZT obtained by impedance analyzerHong, Chang-Hyo; Jo, WookARTICLE83
201805A high-performance transparent moisture barrier using surface-modified nanoclay composite for OLED encapsulationKang, Dong Jun; Park, Go Un, et alARTICLE22
201805A highly sensitive gas-sensing platform based on a metal-oxide nanowire forest grown on a suspended carbon nanowire fabricated at a wafer levelLim, Yeongjin; Kim, Soosung, et alARTICLE275
201804Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Bearing Various Ion Densities: Spontaneous Dipole Generation, Poling‐Induced Dipole Alignment, and Interfacial Energy Barrier Control for Optoelectronic Device ApplicationsLee, Seungjin; Nguyen, Thanh Luan, et alARTICLE14
201804Alcohol gas sensors capable of wireless detection using In2O3/Pt nanoparticles and Ag nanowiresKim, So-Yun; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE167
201803Growth of Nanosized Single Crystals for Efficient Perovskite Light-Emitting DiodesLee, Seungjin; Park, Jong Hyun, et alARTICLE8
201803Strongly enhanced dielectric and energy storage properties in lead-free perovskite titanate thin films by alloyingCho, Seungho; Yun, Chao, et alARTICLE24
201803Influence of pre-strain on the gaseous hydrogen embrittlement resistance of a high-entropy alloyZhao, Yakai; Lee, Dong-Hyun, et alARTICLE21
201803Use of Mesoscopic Host Matrix to Induce Ferrimagnetism in Antiferromagnetic Spinel OxidePark, Chaewoon; Wu, Rui, et alARTICLE79
201803The kinetics of chirality assignment in catalytic single-walled carbon nanotube growth and the routes towards selective growthXu, Ziwei; Qiu, Lu, et alARTICLE5
201803Orientation-Dependent Strain Relaxation and Chemical Functionalization of Graphene on a Cu(111) FoilLi, Bao-Wen; Luo, Da, et alARTICLE26
201803Modulation of functional pendant chains within poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for refined control of protein releaseKim, Mirae; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE108
201803Anchoring effect of Ni2+ in stabilizing reduced metallic particles for growing single-walled carbon nanotubesHe, Maoshuai; Wang, Xiao, et alARTICLE132
201802Flaw-Containing Alumina Hollow Nanostructures Have Ultrahigh Fracture Strength To Be Incorporated into High-Efficiency GaN Light-Emitting DiodesKang, Sung-gyu; Moon, Daeyoung, et alARTICLE19
201802Selective growth of two-dimensional phosphorene on catalyst surfaceQiu, L.; Dong, J. C., et alARTICLE22
201802Enhanced efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells based on kerfless-thin wafers with nanohole arraysLee, Hyeon-Seung; Suk, Jaekwon, et alARTICLE23
201802Greatly Enhanced Anticorrosion of Cu by Commensurate Graphene CoatingXu, Xiaozhi; Yi, Ding, et alARTICLE22
201802Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Graphene Growth on Ni(111) and the Origin of Triangular Shaped Graphene IslandsWang, Danxia; Liu, Yifan, et alARTICLE24
201802Multivalent Polyaspartamide Cross-Linker for Engineering Cell-Responsive Hydrogels with Degradation Behavior and Tunable Physical PropertiesJang, Jinhyeong; Cha, ChaenyungARTICLE126