MNE_Journal Papers 1091

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201809Innovative analytic and experimental methods for thermal management of SMD-type LED chipsJang, Hosung; Lee, Jae Hwa, et alARTICLE81
201807Reusable and storable whole-cell microbial biosensors with a microchemostat platform for in situ on-demand heavy metal detectionBae, Juyeol; Lim, Ji-Won, et alARTICLE6
201807Fabrication and characterization of pure-metal-based submillimeter-thick flexible flat heat pipe with innovative wick structuresLee, Daehoon; Byon, ChanARTICLE76
201807Entrotaxis as a strategy for autonomous search and source reconstruction in turbulent conditionsHutchinson, Michael; Oh, Hyondong, et alARTICLE115
201807Natural convection heat transfer characteristics of molten salt with internal heat generationJeong, Yeong Shin; Seo, Seok Bin, et alARTICLE6
201806Joint effects of variable carbon emission cost and multi-delay-inpayments under single-setup-multiple-delivery policy in a global sustainable supply chainSarkar, Biswajit; Ahmed, Waqas, et alARTICLE58
201806Ultra-high-speed processing of nanomaterial-reinforced woven carbon fiber/polyamide 6 composites using reactive thermoplastic resin transfer moldingKim, Byeong-Joo; Cha, Sang-Hyup, et alARTICLE21
201806Study on flow characteristics of high-Pr heat transfer fluid near the wall in a rectangular natural circulation loopShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin, et alARTICLE19
201806Carbon/CuO nanosphere-anchored g-C3N4 nanosheets as ternary electrode material for supercapacitorsVattikuti, S.V. Prabhakar; Reddy, B. Purusottam, et alARTICLE6
201806Thermophysical properties of sintered aluminum-siliconCho, Tae Won; Kim, Yeon Soo, et alARTICLE6
201806An electrochemical immunosensor based on a 3D carbon system consisting of a suspended mesh and substrate-bound interdigitated array nanoelectrodes for sensitive cardiac biomarker detectionSharma, Deepti; Lee, Jongmin, et alARTICLE140
201805Environmental impact on the Korean peninsula due to hypothetical accidental scenarios at the Haiyang nuclear power plant in ChinaMin, Jae Seong; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE24
201805Magnetic-field analysis of an MHD channel in a liquid-metal circulation system of a prototype GenIV sodium fast reactorLee, Geun Hyeong; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE26
201805Inactivation of airborne viruses using vacuum ultraviolet photocatalysis for a flow-through indoor air purifier with short irradiation timeKim, Jeonghyun; Jang, JaesungARTICLE104
201805A highly sensitive gas-sensing platform based on a metal-oxide nanowire forest grown on a suspended carbon nanowire fabricated at a wafer levelLim, Yeongjin; Kim, Soosung, et alARTICLE274
201805Effects of hole patterns on surface temperature distributions in pool boilingSeo, Han; Lim, Yeongjin, et alARTICLE296
201805Microwave absorption and mechanical performance of α-MnO2 nanostructures grown on woven Kevlar fiber/reduced graphene oxide-polyaniline nanofiber array-reinforced polyester resin compositesHazarika, Ankita; Deka, Biplab K., et alARTICLE165
201805Attitude stabilization of flapping micro-air vehicles via an observer-based sliding mode control methodTran, Xun-Toa; Oh, Hyondong, et alARTICLE96
201804A similarity based prognostics approach for real time health management of electronics using impedance analysis and SVM regressionLee, Changyong; Kwon, DaeilARTICLE7
201804Development of PRIME for irradiation performance analysis of U-Mo/Al dispersion fuelJeong, Gwan Yoon; Kim, Yeon Soo, et alARTICLE38