UEE_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTPreparation of EVOH and aramid-modified polar nylon membrane for the removal of hard and soft colloidal particlesAyyavoo, Jayalakshmi; Kim, In-Chul, et alARTICLE157
201904Continuous fatigue crack length estimation for aluminum 6061-T6 plates with a notchLim, Hyung Jin; Lee, Young-Joo, et alARTICLE83
201902Evaluating membrane fouling potentials of dissolved organic matter in brackish waterPark, Sunghun; Nam, Taewoo, et alARTICLE9
201902Thermodynamic and kinetic influences of NaCl on HFC-125a hydrates and their significance in gas hydrate-based desalinationChoi, Wonjung; Lee, Yohan, et alARTICLE12
201902Matrix-specific distribution and compositional profiles of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in multimedia environmentsSeo, Sung-Hee; Son, Min-Hui, et alARTICLE14
201901The cation-dependent effects of formate salt additives on the strength and microstructure of CaO-activated fly ash bindersSuh, Jung-Il; Yum, Woo Sung, et alARTICLE0
201901Economic impacts of a linear urban park on local businesses: The case of Gyeongui Line Forest Park in SeoulPark, Juhyeon; Kim, JeongseobARTICLE20
201812Oxidation of organic pollutants by peroxymonosulfate activated with low-temperature-modified nanodiamonds: Understanding the reaction kinetics and mechanismYun, Eun-Tae; Moon, Gun-Hee, et alARTICLE20
201812Polar amplification dominated by local forcing and feedbacksStuecker, Malte F.; Bitz, Cecilia M., et alARTICLE0
201812Influence of Calcium Sulfate Type on Evolution of Reaction Products and Strength in NaOH- and CaO-Activated Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace SlagYoon, Seyoon; Park, Hyeoneun, et alARTICLE2
201812Gypsum-Dependent Effect of NaCl on Strength Enhancement of CaO-Activated Slag BindersSim, Sungwon; Lee, Hwan, et alARTICLE0
201812Korean traditional beliefs and renewable energy transitions: Pungsu, shamanism, and the local perception of wind turbinesKim, Eun Sung; Chung, Jibum, et alARTICLE20
201812Current development and future prospect review of freeze desalinationKalista, Brenda; Shin, Hyein, et alARTICLE64
201811Representation of Boreal Winter MJO and Its Teleconnection in a Dynamical Ensemble Seasonal Prediction SystemKim, Hyerim; Lee, Myong-In, et alARTICLE13
201811Defining heatwave thresholds using an inductive machine learning approachPark, Juhyeon; Kim, JeongseobARTICLE18
201811Tropical Precipitation and Cross-Equatorial Heat Transport in Response to Localized Heating: Basin and Hemisphere DependenceWhite, Rachel H.; McFarlane, AA, et alARTICLE5
201811Effects of Redispersible Polymer Powder on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete with Recycled Railway BallastLee, Sahyeon; Jang, Seung Yup, et alARTICLE56
201811Evaluation of fouling in nanofiltration for desalination using a resistance-in-series model and optical coherence tomographyPark, Jongkwan; Lee, Sungyun, et alARTICLE68
201811Impact of biogenic emissions on early summer ozone and fine particulate matter exposure in the Seoul Metropolitan Area of KoreaKim, Hyeon-Kook; Song, Chang-Keun, et alARTICLE159
201811The temperature-dependent action of sugar in the retardation and strength improvement of Ca(OH)2-Na2CO3-activated fly ash systems through calcium complexationJeon, Dongho; Yum, Woo Sung, et alARTICLE9