ECE_Journal Papers 952

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201805Spread Spectrum Technique to Reduce EMI Emission for an LLC Resonant Converter Using a Hybrid Modulation MethodPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE106
201804Pricing for Past Channel State Information in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio NetworksKang, Sunjung; Joo, Changhee, et alARTICLE102
201804Near-Field Validation of Dipole-Moment Model Extracted From GTEM Cell Measurements and Application to a Real Application ProcessorKwak, Kyungjin; Kim, Jaehyuk, et alARTICLE176
201803clfB-tree: Cacheline friendly persistent B-tree for NVRAMKim, Wook-Hee; Seo, Jihye, et alARTICLE105
201803Co-processing heterogeneous parallel index for multi-dimensional datasetsKim, Jinwoong; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE121
201803Non-stationary Deep Network for Restoration of Non-Stationary Lens BlurKim, Soowoong; Gwak, Moonsung, et alARTICLE14
201803Design optimization for the insulation of HVDC converter transformers under composite electric stressesYea. Manje; Han, Ki Jin, et alARTICLE12
201803A Stepwise Split Power-Driving Scheme With Automatic Slope Control for EMC-Enhanced LIN TransceiverKim, Seungmok; Kim, Daewung, et alARTICLE142
201803Linearly frequency-tunable and low-phase noise ring VCO using varactors with optimally-spaced bias voltagesLee, Jeonghyun; Choi, S, et alARTICLE21
201803High-Efficiency Isolated Photovoltaic Microinverter Using Wide-Band Gap Switches for Standalone and Grid-Tied ApplicationsLiu, Yu-Chen; Chen, Ming-Cheng, et alARTICLE27
201803Generative Design of Electromagnetic Structures Through Bayesian LearningPatel, Ramesh; Roy, Kallol, et alARTICLE63
201803A Three-Step Resolution-Reconfigurable Hazardous Multi-Gas Sensor Interface for Wireless Air-Quality Monitoring ApplicationsChoi, Subin; Park, Kyeonghwan, et alARTICLE203
201802Low-delay broadband satellite communications with high-altitude unmanned aerial vehiclesJoo, Changhee; Choi, JihwanARTICLE12
201802ORGMA: Reliable opportunistic routing with gradient forwarding for MANETsKang, Daeho; Kim, Hyung-Sin, et alARTICLE288
201802Parallel Block Sequential Closed-Form Matting With Fan-Shaped PartitionsLee, Yongsik; Yang, SeungjoonARTICLE167
201802A Low-Integrated-Phase-Noise 27–30-GHz Injection-Locked Frequency Multiplier With an Ultra-Low-Power Frequency-Tracking Loop for mm-Wave-Band 5G TransceiversYoo, Seyeon; Choi, Seojin, et alARTICLE88
201801Resource Sharing in Dual-stack Devices: Opportunistic Bluetooth Transmissions in WLAN Busy PeriodsHan, Jonghun; Joo, Changhee, et alARTICLE11
201801An Intelligent System Approach for Probabilistic Volume Rendering Using Hierarchical 3D Convolutional Sparse CodingQuan, Tran Minh; Choi, Junyoung, et alARTICLE93
201801Facial Attribute Recognition by Recurrent Learning With Visual FixationJang, Jinhyeok; Cho, Hyunjoong, et alARTICLE67
201801Antipodal Vivaldi antennas with foldable hinged plates for adaptive polarization and gain adjustmentsByun, Gangil; Lim, T. H., et alARTICLE65