ECE_Journal Papers

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201809Load Adaptive Modulation of Series Resonant Inverter for All-Metal Induction Heating ApplicationsPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE165
201808High-density impedance-sensing array on complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor circuitry assisted by negative dielectrophoresis for single-cell-resolution measurementChung, Jaehoon; Chen, Yu, et alARTICLE169
201808Quantified Design Guidelines of a Compact Transformerless Active EMI Filter for Performance, Stability, and High Voltage ImmunityShin, Dongil; Jeong, Sangyeong, et alARTICLE31
201806Non-stationary Deep Network for Restoration of Non-Stationary Lens BlurKim, Soowoong; Gwak, Moonsung, et alARTICLE46
201806Glass Reflection Removal Using Co-Saliency Based Image Alignment and Low-Rank Matrix Completion in Gradient DomainHan, Byeong-Ju; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE50
201805Controller Area Network with Flexible Data Rate Transmitter Design with Low Electromagnetic EmissionKang, Sukhwan; Seong, Jewoo, et alARTICLE22
201805A 65-nm CMOS 2 x 2 MIMO Multi-Band LTE RF Transceiver for Small Cell Base StationsLim, Kyoohyun; Lee, Sanghoon, et alARTICLE140
201805Specific visualization of neuromelanin-iron complex and ferric iron in the human post-mortem substantia nigra using MR relaxometry at 7TLee, Hansol; Baek, Sun-Young, et alARTICLE114
201805Spread Spectrum Technique to Reduce EMI Emission for an LLC Resonant Converter Using a Hybrid Modulation MethodPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE134
201805Stitching for multi-view videos with large parallax based on adaptive pixel warpingLee, Kyu-Yul; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE82
201804Pricing for Past Channel State Information in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio NetworksKang, Sunjung; Joo, Changhee, et alARTICLE147
201804A Theoretically Sound Approach to Analog Circuit SizingLim, Eunji; Choi, Jaehyouk, et alARTICLE13
201804Double MAC on a DSP: Boosting the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAsLee, Sugil; Kim, Daewoo, et alARTICLE17
201804Near-Field Validation of Dipole-Moment Model Extracted From GTEM Cell Measurements and Application to a Real Application ProcessorKwak, Kyungjin; Kim, Jaehyuk, et alARTICLE209
201804Tailoring force sensitivity and selectivity by microstructure engineering of multidirectional electronic skinsPark, Jonghwa; Kim, Jinyoung, et alARTICLE87
201804다중권선 변압기를 이용한 능동형 셀 밸런싱 회로에서 밸런싱 전류 전달 효율을 높이기 위한 변압기 설계 방안Lee, Sang-Jung; Kim, Myung-Ho, et alARTICLE33
201804Design Methodology of Passive Damped LCL Filter Using Current Controller for Grid-Connected Three-Phase Voltage-Source InvertersLee, Jun-Young; Choi, Hyun-Jun, et alARTICLE21
201804A Low-Jitter and Low-Reference-Spur Ring-VCO-Based Switched-Loop Filter PLL Using a Fast Phase-Error Correction TechniqueLee, Yongsun; Seong, Taeho, et alARTICLE102
201804A 4b/cycle flash-assisted SAR ADC with comparator speed-boosting techniquePark, Kyeonghwan; Park, Chansam, et alARTICLE104
201804Autonomous Control Strategy of DC Microgrid for Islanding mode using Power Line CommunicationJeong, Dong-Keun; Kim, Ho-Sung, et alARTICLE134