ECE_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTKI-Mon ARM: A Hardware-assisted Event-triggered Monitoring Platform for Mutable Kernel ObjectLee, Hojoon; Moon, Hyungon, et alARTICLE148
2018122-D Direction-of-Arrival Estimation System Using Circular Array With Mutually Coupled Reference SignalNazaroff, Michael; Byun, Gangil, et alARTICLE13
201811Linear quadratic mean field Stackelberg differential gamesMoon, Jun; Basar, TamerARTICLE13
201811Estimation of Perceptual Surface Property Using Deep Networks with Attention ModelsCho, Hyunjoong; Baek, Ye Seul, et alARTICLE2
201811Design Considerations for Parallel Differential Power Processing Converters in a Photovoltaic-Powered Wearable ApplicationLee, Hyunji; Kim, Katherine A.ARTICLE7
201811A Portable Phase-Domain Magnetic Induction Tomography Transceiver with Phase-Band Auto-Tracking and Frequency-Sweep CapabilitiesPark, Chan Sam; Jeon, Jiyun, et alARTICLE20
201810Resource Sharing in Dual-Stack Devices: Opportunistic Bluetooth Transmissions in WLAN Busy PeriodsHan, Jonghun; Joo, Changhee, et alARTICLE99
201810Step-charging technique for CC/CV mode battery charging with low-cost control components in IPT systemsNa, Kyungmin; Ma, Hyunggun, et alARTICLE0
201810Glass Reflection Removal Using Co-Saliency-Based Image Alignment and Low-Rank Matrix Completion in Gradient DomainHan, Byeong-Ju; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE164
201810Ternary full adder using multi-threshold voltage graphene barristorsHeo, Sunwoo; Kim, Sunmean, et alARTICLE30
201810Multicell Downlink Beamforming with Limited Backhaul SignalingKim, Youjin; Yang, Hyun Jong, et alARTICLE19
201810On-demand route discovery in a unicast mannerChoi, Youngchol; Yang, Hyun JongARTICLE29
201810Precise Analytical Model of Power Supply Induced Jitter Transfer Function at Inverter ChainsKim, Heegon; Kim, Jingook, et alARTICLE140
201810전자식 점화안전장치 회로 시스템 내부 소자 변화에 따른민감 소자 확인 및 출력 특성에 대한 신뢰성 분석 프로세스 임태홍; 변강일, et alARTICLE9
201810DC 마이크로 그리드를 위한 Three-port Dual Active Bridge DC-DC 컨버터의 독립 전력 제어심주영; 이준영, et alARTICLE15
201809Plasmon-enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Metasurface Absorber with Vertical NanogapHwang, Inyong; Lee, Jongwon, et alARTICLE8
201809An External Capacitorless Low-Dropout Regulator With High PSR at All Frequencies From 10 kHz to 1 GHz Using an Adaptive Supply-Ripple Cancellation TechniqueLim, Younghyun; Lee, Jeonghyun, et alARTICLE62
201809CMOS depth sensor with programmable filter circuits for environment-adaptive noise suppressionSeo, Hyeongseok; Kim, Bumjun, et alARTICLE26
201809Performance Analysis of License Assisted Access LTE with Asymmetric Hidden TerminalsLee, Harim; Kim, Hyoil, et alARTICLE312
201809Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of GPGPU Computing through Integrated Adaptive Cache ManagementKim, Kyu Yeun; Park, Jinsu, et alARTICLE9