ECE_Journal Papers 846

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201712Sensitivity Analysis of a Circuit Model for Power Distribution Network in a Multilayered Printed Circuit BoardShringarpure, Ketan; Pan, Siming, et alARTICLE1506
201711An External Capacitor-Less Ultralow-Dropout Regulator Using a Loop-Gain Stabilizing Technique for High Power-Supply Rejection Over a Wide Range of Load CurrentLim, Younghyun; Lee, Jeonghyun, et alARTICLE4
201711Test Platform Development of Vessel’s Power Management System Using Hardware- in-the-Loop-Simulation TechniqueLee, Sang-Jung; Kwak, Sang Kyu, et alARTICLE35
201710Power Stage and Feedback Loop Design for LLC Resonant Converter in High Switching Frequency OperationPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE1015
201710Highly-efficient THz generation using nonlinear plasmonic metasurfacesTymchenko, M.; Gomez-Diaz, J. S., et alARTICLE52
201710A stepwise split power-driving scheme with automatic slope control for EMC-enhanced LIN transceiversKim, Seungmok; Kim, Daewung, et alARTICLE15
201710Spread Spectrum Technique to Reduce EMI Emission for LCC Reasonant Converter Using Hybrid Modulation MethodPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE16
201710A 4b/cycle flash-assisted SAR ADC with comparator speed-boosting techniquePark, Kyeonghwan; Park, Chansam, et alARTICLE16
201709Bulk-Silicon-Based Waveguides and Bends Fabricated Using Silicon Wet Etching: Properties and LimitsKu, Bonwoo; Kim, Kyoung-Soo, et alARTICLE70
201709A Fully Integrated Dual-Mode CMOS Power Amplifier With an Autotransformer-Based Parallel Combining TransformerAhn, Hyunjin; Baek, Seungjun, et alARTICLE33
201709Stretchable Dual-Capacitor Multi-Sensor for Touch-Curvature-Pressure-Strain SensingJin, Hanbyul; Jung, Sungchul, et alARTICLE20
201709An Effective Experimental Optimization Method for Wireless Power Transfer System Design Using Frequency Domain MeasurementJeong, Sang-Yeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE16
201708Opening the Box: Survey of High Power Density Inverter Techniques From the Little Box ChallengeKim, Katherine A.; Liu, Yu-Chen, et alARTICLE28
201708Comprehensive Electric-Thermal Photovoltaic Modeling for Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (PHILS) ApplicationsMai, Xuan Hung; Kwak, Sang-Kyu, et alARTICLE67
201708Opportunistic Network Decoupling with Virtual Full-Duplex Operation in Multi-Source Interfering Relay NetworksShin, Won-Yong; Mai, Vien V., et alARTICLE80
201708Optimal Multiuser Diversity in Multi-Cell MIMO Uplink Networks: User Scaling Law and Beamforming DesignJung, Bang Chul; Kim, Su Min, et alARTICLE47
201708A wireless ExG interface for patch-type ECG holter and EMG-controlled robot handLee, Kwangmuk; Choi, Yun Young, et alARTICLE83
201708A Supply-Scalable Dual-Rate Dual-Mode DAC with an Adaptive Swing ControlEom, Won-Jin; Kwon, Kihyun, et alARTICLE17
201707Static Optimal Sensor Selection via Linear Integer Programming: The Orthogonal CaseMoon, Jun; Basar, TamerARTICLE171
201707페라이트를 이용한 자기장 무선전력전송 안테나고낙영; 이본영, et alARTICLE20