DHE_Journal Papers 314

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201705Empirical Sensitivity Analysis of Discretization Parameters for Fault Pattern Extraction From Multivariate Time Series DataBaek, Sujeong; Kim, Duck YoungARTICLE306
201705Late chronotypes are associated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in women with breast cancerLee, Kwang-Min; Jung, Dooyoung, et alARTICLE91
201705Effects of touch target location on performance and physical demands of computer touchscreen useKang, Hwayeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE359
201705Psycho-oncology in Korea: Past, present and futureLee, Hyun Jeong; Lee, Kwang-Min, et alARTICLE29
201705Analysis of temporal firing patterns of primary afferent C-fibers for different sensations in miceCho, Kyeongwon; Jang, Jun Ho, et alARTICLE32
201704COVALENT, a method for co-designing value exchange in communitycentred designPark, Yoonyee; Baek, Joon Sang, et alARTICLE28
201704Effects of display curvature, display zone, and task duration on legibility and visual fatigue during visual search taskPark, Sungryul; Choi, Donghee, et alARTICLE162
201703Resolving wicked problems: Appositional reasoning and sketch representation.Self, JamesARTICLE65
201702Mode-of-use Innovation in Interactive Product DevelopmentJeong, Geehyuk; Self, JamesARTICLE52
201702Monitor brightness changes under a wide range of surround conditionsBaek, Ye Seul; Kwak, Youngshin, et alARTICLE68
201701A sociotechnical framework for the design of collaborative servicesBaek, Joon Sang; Kim, Sojung, et alARTICLE96
201701Human brain activity related to the tactile perception of stickinessYeon, Jiwon; Kim, Junsuk, et alARTICLE75
201612Goal programming-based post-disaster decision making for integrated relief distribution and early-stage network restorationRansikarbum, Kasin; Mason, Scott J.ARTICLE119
201612Study on Correlation-based Feature Selection in an Automatic Quality Inspection System using Support Vector Machine (SVM)Song, Donghwan; Oh, Yeong Gwang, et alARTICLE112
201611Grasp and index finger reach zone during one-handed smartphone rear interaction: effects of task type, phone width and hand lengthLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE352
201611Analysis of Nociceptive Information Encoded in the Temporal Discharge Patterns of Cutaneous C-FibersCho, Kyungwon; Jang, Jun Ho, et alARTICLE123
201611Decoding pressure stimulation locations on the fingers from human neural activation patternsKim, Junsuk; Chung, Yoon Gi, et alARTICLE113
201611Measuring stress in medical education: validation of the Korean version of the higher education stress inventory with medical studentsShim, Eun-Jung; Jeon, Hong Jin, et alARTICLE77
201610Tailoring communications to the evolving needs of patients throughout the cancer care trajectory: a qualitative exploration with breast cancer patientsShim, Eun-Jung; Park, Jee Eun, et alARTICLE87