DHE_Journal Papers

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201808Dancheong colors used for Korean cultural heritage architecture restorationSong, Injung; Bang, Byungsun, et alARTICLE20
201807Effects of the center of mass of a stick vacuum cleaner on the muscle activities of the upper extremity during floor vacuumingChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE74
201806Interdisciplinary: Challenges & Opportunities for Design EducationSelf, James; Evans, Mark, et alARTICLE52
201805Exploring the First Momentary Unboxing Experience with Aesthetic InteractionKim, Chajoong; Self, James, et alARTICLE294
201805Pre-treatment anxiety is associated with persistent chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in women treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancerLee, Kwang-Min; Jung, Dooyoung, et alARTICLE119
201804Enhanced Nogo-P3 amplitudes of mothers compared with non-mother women during an emotional Go/Nogo taskHayashi, Sayuri; Wada, Hiroko, et alARTICLE136
201804Gamma EEG Correlates of Haptic Preferences for a Dial InterfacePark, Wanjoo; Kim, Da-Hye, et alARTICLE30
201804Ageing vision and falls: a reviewSaftari, Liana Nafisa; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE86
201804Electroencephalographic feature evaluation for improving personal authentication performanceKang, Jae-Hwan; Jo, Young Chang, et alARTICLE104
201803A sociotechnical framework for the design of collaborative servicesBaek, Joon Sang; Kim, Sojung, et alARTICLE315
201802Transparent effect on the gray scale perception of a transparent OLED displayKim, Hyosun; Seo, Young-Jun, et alARTICLE100
201802Flexible Technique to Enhance Color-image Quality for Color-deficient ObserversWoo, Sungju; Park, Chongwook, et alARTICLE170
201802EEG Beta Oscillations in the Temporoparietal Area Related to the Accuracy in Estimating Others' PreferencePark, Jonghyeok; Kim, Hackjin, et alARTICLE356
201802Characteristics of Human Brain Activity during the Evaluation of Service-to-Service Brand ExtensionYang, Taeyang; Lee, Seungji, et alARTICLE400
201802Exploring the effects of contextual factors on home lighting experienceJung, Jooyoung; Cho, Kwangmin, et alARTICLE74
201802A simulation study on the effects of neuronal ensemble properties on decoding algorithms for intracortical brain-machine interfacesKim, Min-Ki; Sohn, Jeong-woo, et alARTICLE76
201711Effects of cursor freeze time on the performance of older adult users on mouse-related tasksTufail, Muhammad; Kim, KwanMyungARTICLE625
201711Research on flexible display at ulsan national institute of science and technologyPark, Jihun; Heo, Sanghyun, et alARTICLE187
201710Reliability of forward head posture evaluation while sitting, standing, walking and runningLee, Chang-hyung; Lee, Sojeong, et alARTICLE1258
201709Interdisciplinarity in design education: understanding the undergraduate student experienceSelf, James; Baek, Joon SangARTICLE520