SBA_Journal Papers 393

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ACCEPTEffects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action PerspectiveKim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, MinChung , et alARTICLE304
201708Trust in open versus closed social media: The relative influence of user- and marketer-generated content in social network services on customer trustChoi, Bo Reum; Lee, InseongARTICLE180
201707Novelty-focused weak signal detection in futuristic data: Assessing the rarity and paradigm unrelatedness of signalsKim, Jieun; Lee, ChangyongARTICLE18
201706The acceptance of computer technology by teachers in early childhood educationJeong, Hye In; Kim, YeolibARTICLE643
201706Modeling microstructure price dynamics with symmetric Hawkes and diffusion model using ultra-high-frequency stock dataLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE95
201705Concentric diversification based on technological capabilities: Link analysis of products and technologiesKim, Hyunwoo; Hong, Suckwon, et alARTICLE147
201705Hawkes process-based technology impact analysisJang, Hyunjin; Woo, Hangyun, et alARTICLE81
201705A Meta-analysis of Online Trust Relationships in E-commerceKim, Yeolib; Peterson, Robert A.ARTICLE111
201705Organizational Change under Institutional Logics: Family Coantrol of Corporate Boards in TaiwanKim, Young Choon; Chung, Chi-NienARTICLE10
201705Organizational Attention and Learning under Regulatory Intervention: Governmental Investigation into Auto Engine QualityRhee, Mooweon; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE9
201704Alignment of Process Compliance and Monitoring Requirements in Dynamic Business CollaborationsComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE293
201704Stochastic service life cycle analysis using customer reviewsKim, Juram; Lee, ChangyongARTICLE19
201704High-commitment HRM system, HR capability, and ambidextrous technological innovationPark, Owwon; Bae, Johngseok, et alARTICLE54
201704Pro-innovation culture, ambidexterity and new product development performance: Polynomial regression and response surface analysisLee, Kyootai; Woo, Han-Gyun, et alARTICLE120
201704Approach to Service Design Based on Customer Behavior Data: A Case Study on Eco-driving Service Design Using Bus Drivers’ Behavior DataKim, Min-Jun; Lim, Chie-Hyeon, et alARTICLE10
201704Development of a service evolution map for service design through application of text mining to service documentsSong, Bomi; Yoon, Byungun, et alARTICLE92
201703Designing a Tool for Service-Dominant Business Strategies Using Action Design ResearchLüftenegger, Egon; Comuzzi, Marco, et alARTICLE311
201703An integrated holistic model of a complex processKim, Heeyoung; Kim, Sungil, et alARTICLE375
201702A methodology for enterprise systems post-implementation change managementComuzzi, Marco; Parhizkar, MinouARTICLE18
201702Exploring associations between young adults’ facebook use and psychological well-being: A goal hierarchy approachJung, Yoonhyuk; Pawlowski, Suzanne D., et alARTICLE167