SBA_Journal Papers 403

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ACCEPTEffects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action PerspectiveKim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, MinChung , et alARTICLE547
ACCEPTWhere does pride lead? Corporate managerial hubris and strategic emphasisKim, MinChung; Xiong, Guiyang, et alARTICLE103
201712Combining Apriori heuristic and bio-inspired algorithms for solving the frequent itemsets mining problemDjenouri, Youcef; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE46
201710Performance of Tail Hedged Portfolio with Third Moment Variation SwapLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE905
201709Effects of expertise and social status on team member influence and moderating roles of intragroup conflictHong, Woonki; Zhang, Lu, et alARTICLE2
201708The innovation and economic consequences of knowledge spillovers: fit between exploration and exploitation capabilities, knowledge attributes, and transfer mechanismsHsiao, Yung-Chang; Chen, Chung-Jen, et alARTICLE195
201708SAO-based semantic mining of patents for semi-automatic construction of a customer job mapLim, Joohyung; Choi, Sungchul, et alARTICLE95
201708Maternal breastfeeding and children's cognitive developmentKoh, KanghyockARTICLE443
201708Trust in open versus closed social media: The relative influence of user- and marketer-generated content in social network services on customer trustChoi, Bo Reum; Lee, InseongARTICLE325
201707Novelty-focused weak signal detection in futuristic data: Assessing the rarity and paradigm unrelatedness of signalsKim, Jieun; Lee, ChangyongARTICLE304
201707Inefficient competition in shadow-education investmentChung, Keunsuk; Lee, DongryulARTICLE104
201706The acceptance of computer technology by teachers in early childhood educationJeong, Hye In; Kim, YeolibARTICLE778
201706Workplace Relationships and Employee Engagement: Domestic Workers vs. ExpatriatesKim, YongHee; Cheung, Kaming Queena, et alARTICLE51
201706사회적 네트워크(Social Networks) 조직연구의 동향Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE86
201706Modeling microstructure price dynamics with symmetric Hawkes and diffusion model using ultra-high-frequency stock dataLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE215
201705Concentric diversification based on technological capabilities: Link analysis of products and technologiesKim, Hyunwoo; Hong, Suckwon, et alARTICLE256
201705Hawkes process-based technology impact analysisJang, Hyunjin; Woo, Hangyun, et alARTICLE233
201705A Meta-analysis of Online Trust Relationships in E-commerceKim, Yeolib; Peterson, Robert A.ARTICLE179
201705Organizational Change under Institutional Logics: Family Coantrol of Corporate Boards in TaiwanKim, Young Choon; Chung, Chi-NienARTICLE82
201705Organizational Attention and Learning under Regulatory Intervention: Governmental Investigation into Auto Engine QualityRhee, Mooweon; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE72