SBA_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTCSR and Shareholder Value in the Restaurant Industry: The Roles of CSR Communication through Annual ReportsKim, MinChung; Kim, YongHeeARTICLE65
ACCEPTPosition Effects of Menu Item Displays in Consumer Choices: Comparisons of Horizontal versus Vertical DisplaysKim, Jungkeun; Hwang, Euejung, et alARTICLE236
ACCEPTExperiential or Material Purchases? Social Class Determines Purchase HappinessLee, Jacob Chaeho; Hall, Deborah H., et alARTICLE287
ACCEPTWhere does pride lead? Corporate managerial hubris and strategic emphasisKim, MinChung; Xiong, Guiyang, et alARTICLE981
201805Global Institution and Local Filtering: Introducing Independent Directors to Taiwanese Corporate BoardChung, Chi-Nien; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE168
201804Following in Partners’ Footsteps: An Uncertainty-reduction Perspective on Firms’ Choice of New Markets for EntryMakarevich, Alex; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE37
201804Smart Cities with Big Data: Reference Models, Challenges, and ConsiderationsLim, ChiehyeonARTICLE29
201804The role of privacy fatigue in online privacy behaviorChoi, Hanbyul; Park, Jonghwa, et alARTICLE281
201804From data to value: A nine-factor framework for data-based value creation in information-intensive servicesLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, Ki-Hun, et alARTICLE261
201804Association of diabetes diagnosis with dietary changes and weight reductionKim, Daeho; Koh, Kanghyock, et alARTICLE17
201804CEO Duality and Firm Performance: Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Mediate the Relation?Chang, Kiyoung; Lee, Jun-Youp, et alARTICLE31
201804Professional Collaboration in Technological Innovation: A Case of Technology Licensing of University InventionsKim, Young Choon; Rhee, MARTICLE22
201804A similarity based prognostics approach for real time health management of electronics using impedance analysis and SVM regressionLee, Changyong; Kwon, DaeilARTICLE22
201804Explaining dyadic expertise use in knowledge work teams: An opportunity-ability-motivation perspectiveHong, Woonki; Gajendran, Ravi ShankerARTICLE33
201803Approach to Service Design Based on Customer Behavior Data: A Case Study on Eco-driving Service Design Using Bus Drivers’ Behavior DataKim, Min-Jun; Lim, Chie-Hyeon, et alARTICLE300
201803The Great Recession and Workers' Health BenefitsKoh, KanghyockARTICLE333
201803Design of informatics-based services in manufacturing industries: case studies using large vehicle-related databasesLim, Chie-Hyeon; Kim, Min-Jun, et alARTICLE265
201803Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action PerspectiveKim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, MinChung, et alARTICLE953
201802Early identification of emerging technologies: A machine learning approach using multiple patent indicatorsLee, Changyong; Kwon, Ohjin, et alARTICLE293
201802PHM-based wiring system damage estimation for near zero downtime in manufacturing facilitiesLee, Jinwoo; Kwon, Daeil, et alARTICLE19