DGS_Journal Papers 308

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
201706Problems with Using Evolutionary Theory in PhilosophyPark, SeungbaeARTICLE52
201706Against Extrinsic DispositionsPark, SeungbaeARTICLE25
201706The Uniformity Principle vs. the Disuniformity PrinciplePark, SeungbaeARTICLE213
201704Nonnative English-Speaking Professors’ Experiences of English-Medium Instruction and Their Perceived Roles of the Local LanguageKim, Jeong-Yeon; Tatar, BradleyARTICLE7
201704Does Scientific Progress Consist in Increasing Knowledge or Understanding?Park, SeungbaeARTICLE56
201704Justifying the Special Theory of Relativity with Unconceived MethodsPark, SeungbaeARTICLE60
201704On Treating Past and Present Scientific Theories DifferentlyPark, SeungbaeARTICLE57
201704The Problems of Divine Location and AgePark, SeungbaeARTICLE134
201703In Defense of Mathematical InferentialismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE68
201703Defense of Epistemic ReciprocalismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE170
201703Before and After the “Age of Literary Coteries”: A Diachronic Analysis of the Writer Network in Korea, 1917-1927Lee, Jae-YonARTICLE34
201703Robert Frost and East Asian ConnectionsKim, Wook-DongARTICLE144
201703The Creative Cultural Practice of Sharing Ecotopian Visions through a Collaborative Art ProjectPaek, Kyong-MiARTICLE47
201703Social Expectations and Workplace Challenges: Teaching Artists in Korean SchoolsPaek, Kyong-MiARTICLE92
201701Science Walden: Exploring the Convergence of Environmental Technologies with Design and ArtLee, Hyun-Kyung; Cho, Kyung Hwa, et alARTICLE160
2017Korean engineering students’ perceptions of English-medium instruction (EMI) and L1 use in EMI classesKim, Eun Gyong; Kweon, Soo-Ok, et alARTICLE291
2017Murder in the Royal Palace: A Four-Act Play by Younghill KangKim, Wook-DongARTICLE54
201612Social Creativity and Design Thinking: Developing Foundation Courses in Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Design EducationLee, Hyun-Kyung; Jun, SoojinARTICLE123
201612How to foster scientists' creativityPark, SeungbaeARTICLE152
201612'생활'과 '태도'-기계가 읽은 <<개벽>>과 <<조선문단>>의 작품 비평어와 비평가Lee, Jae-YonARTICLE106