DGS_Journal Papers 357

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201808The Grand Pessimistic InductionPark, SeungbaeARTICLE145
201808Rejecting Mathematical Realism while Accepting Interactive RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE79
201712Does Scientific Progress Consist in Increasing Knowledge or Understanding?Park, SeungbaeARTICLE122
201712Corpus Linguistics Research Trends from 1997 to 2016: A Co-Citation Analysis박혜진; 남대현ARTICLE3
201712Functional Distribution of Lexical Bundle in Native and Non-Native Students’ Argumentative WritingNam, DaehyeonARTICLE61
201712Latin American Immigrants' Adaptation Experiences in Korea: Cases of Migrant Workers with Professions in Culture and Entertainment SectorsChoi, JinsookARTICLE10
201711Lost in Translation: (Mis)translation of Foreign Film Titles in KoreaKim, Wook-DongARTICLE40
2017111970년대 미국 인권정치의 등장이주영ARTICLE2
201711“우리가 남이가”: 상호텍스트적 구성을 통한 경상도의 타자화최진숙ARTICLE10
201711Can Mathematical Objects Be Causally Efficacious?Park, SeungbaeARTICLE82
201710A correlational study of personality, demography, and creativity among students in the university of science and technologyKim, Jin-YoungARTICLE48
201710자유와 도덕적 책임: 갈림길 모델과 불구속 모델을 중심으로이희열ARTICLE2
201710The Problem of Unobserved AnomaliesPark, SeungbaeARTICLE29
201710English-Medium Instruction and Intercultural Sensitivity: A Korean Case StudyKim, Jeong-Yeon; Choi, Jinsook, et alARTICLE35
201710The Anti-Induction for Scientific RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE46
201710From Sketch to Screen, from Scratch to CompetenceLee, Hyun-KyungARTICLE31
201710자아정체성과 성격이 SNS 이용, 온라인 정보취득과 정보전달에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 김진영ARTICLE27
201710Critiques of Minimal RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE36
201710Communing with Nature: A Collective Journey of Yatoo Artists and its Pedagogical PotentialPaek, Kyong-MiARTICLE30
201709Why Should We Be Pessimistic about Antirealists and Pessimists?Park, SeungbaeARTICLE129