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201810Development of a Bayesian belief network model for software reliability quantification of digital protection systems in nuclear power plantsKang, Hyun Gook; Lee, Sang Hoon; Lee, Seung Jun, et alARTICLE215
201810Passive locomotion of freely movable flexible fins near the groundJeong, Young Dal; Lee, Jae HwaARTICLE81
201810Eulerian multiphase analysis for heat transfer enhancement by CO2 sublimation in slot jet impingementKwak, Songmi; Lee, JaeseonARTICLE148
201810Glass Reflection Removal Using Co-Saliency-Based Image Alignment and Low-Rank Matrix Completion in Gradient DomainHan, Byeong-Ju; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE135
201810Reconstruction of the initial state from the data measured on a sphere for plasma-acoustic wave equationsBae, Junsik; Kwon, Bongsuk; Moon, SunghwanARTICLE169
201810Reversible, Full-Color Luminescence by Post-treatment of Perovskite NanocrystalsYoon, Yung Jin; Lee, Kang Taek; Lee, Tae Kyung, et alARTICLE56
201810Contingent convertible bonds with the default risk premiumJang, Hyun Jin; Na, Young Hoon; Zheng, HarryARTICLE204
201809Innovative analytic and experimental methods for thermal management of SMD-type LED chipsJang, Hosung; Lee, Jae Hwa; Byon, Chan, et alARTICLE335
201809Sorption of pharmaceuticals to soil organic matter in a constructed wetland by electrostatic interactionPark, Jongkwan; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Lee, Eunkyung, et alARTICLE308
201809오해와 진실: 드미트리 카라마조프의 테마윤새라ARTICLE99
Showing results 51 to 60 of 15645