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1998DIVCLUS: an automatic method in the GEANFAMMER package that finds homologous domains in single- and multi-domain proteinsBhak, Jong Hwa; Teichmann, SAARTICLE337
1998Solution and Solid-State Vanadium-51 NMR Studies of Dioxovanadate(V) ComplexesKim, Guntae; Jeung, Woo-Woon; Park, Sam-Su, et alARTICLE362
1998Adsorption of carbon dioxide on chemically modified carbon adsorbentsSong, Hyun-Kon; Lee, KHARTICLE348
1998The evolution of recrystallization textures in plastically deformed face centered cubic metalsLee, DN; Jeong, HT; Shin, Hyung-JoonARTICLE358
1998The UV band system of the allyl radical, studied by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopySchultz, Thomas; Fischer, IARTICLE298
1998보문 : Javanica 벼 원형질체로 부터 효율적인 식물체 재분화와 flow cytometry 에 의한 ploidy 검정Lee, Sung-ho; Lee, Su-in; Son, Yeong-geol, et alARTICLE462
199712The structural organization of the human Na+/myo-inositol cotransporter (SLC5A3) gene and characterization of the promoterMallee, JJ; Atta, MG; Lorica, V, et alARTICLE291
199712Molecular tribology of lubricants and additivesCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Cai, L; Granick, SARTICLE364
199712Apparent hydrodynamic thickness of densely grafted polymer layers in a theta solventCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Dhinojwala, A; Granick, SARTICLE493
199712The nonradiative decay of the allyl radical excited B 2A1 state studied by picosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopySchultz, Thomas; Fischer, IARTICLE422
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