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199903Phospholipase D1 in caveolae: Regulation by protein kinase C alpha and caveolin-1Kim, JH; Han, JM; Lee, S, et alARTICLE256
199903Tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein, a Rel-like protein that stimulates transcription in response to hypertonicityMiyakawa, H; Woo, SK; Dahl, SC, et alARTICLE275
199902Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-D-Met stimulates superoxide generation and killing of Staphylococcus aureus via phospholipase D activation in human monocytesBae, YS; Ju, SA; Kim, JY, et alARTICLE272
199902Simulating electron transport and synchrotron emission in radio galaxies: Shock acceleration and synchrotron aging in axisymmetric flowsJones, TW; Ryu, Dongsu; Engel, AndrewARTICLE118
199902이산화티탄 소결체의 수소환원 속도Seok, Sang Il; Lee, Ohsang; Lee, Jae DoARTICLE487
199902Development of tobacco mosaic virus infection sites in Nicotiana benthamianaSzecsi, J; Ding, XS; Lim, CO, et alARTICLE333
199901세포질 단백질에 의한 호중구 세포막 Phospholipase D 의 활성 : 호중구 세포질의 50 kDa 인자, ADP-ribosylation Factor, 뇌에서 분리한 새로운 활성 인자간의 비교Kim, Young; Kwak, JongYoung; Lee, TaeHoon, et alARTICLE482
199901Is Software Piracy in Korea That Bad?Im, Jin HyoukARTICLE338
199901Characterization of phospholipid and fatty acid composition in the amp 1-4 mutant compared to wild-type Arabidopsis thalianaNam, I; Hong, Y; Hwang, I, et alARTICLE288
199901Involvement of specific calmodulin isoforms in salicylic acid-independent activation of plant disease resistance responsesHeo, WD; Lee, SH; Kim, MC, et alARTICLE343
Showing results 14011 to 14020 of 14670