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200110Photoluminescence dynamics and spectra of C-60 and C-60(-) in VPI-5 molecular cagesKwon, Oh Hoon; Park, K; Jang, DJARTICLE328
200110Structural characterization of ring polystyrene by liquid chromatography at the critical condition and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryPark, Soojin; Cho, DY; Kwon, K, et alARTICLE318
200110LiCoO2 cathode material that does not show a phase transition from hexagonal to monoclinic phaseCho, Jaephil; Kim, YJ; Park, BARTICLE403
200110High-performance ZrO2-coated LiNiO2 cathode materialCho, Jaephil; Kim, TJ; Kim, YJ, et alARTICLE508
200110Requirement for the L-type Ca2+ channel alpha(1D) subunit in postnatal pancreatic beta cell generationNamkung, Y; Skrypnyk, N; Jeong, MJ, et alARTICLE299
200109Involvement of phospholipase D in sphingosine 1-phosphate-induced activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Akt in Chinese hamster ovary cells overexpressing EDG3Banno, Y; Takuwa, Y; Akao, Y, et alARTICLE249
200109Recurrence speed of multiples of an irrational numberChoe, GH; Seo, BKARTICLE536
200109Effects of oxygen adsorption on carbon nanotube field emittersPark, Noejung; Han, SW; Ihm, JARTICLE255
200109An intraspecimen method for the statistical characterization of stress corrosion crack initiation behaviorHwang, IS; Kwon, SU; Kim, Ji Hyun, et alARTICLE303
200109A thermotropic behavior of egg PC liposome containing the very long chain fatty acyl component, α,ω-13,16-dimethyloctacosanedioate dimethyl ester (DME C30) isolated from the thermophilic anaerobic bacteria, Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicusKim, H; Kang, Sebyung; Jung, SBARTICLE342
Showing results 14011 to 14020 of 15053