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201812Fingers and Angles: Exploring the Comfort of Touch Input on Smartwatches.Gil, Hyunjae; Kim, Hongmin; Oakley, IanARTICLE10
201812A highly robust and stable graphene-encapsulated Cu-grid hybrid transparent electrode demonstrating superior performance in organic solar cellsJeong, Gyujeong; Jung, Seungon; Choi, Yunseong, et alARTICLE13
201812Formation Dynamics of Carbon Atomic Chain from Graphene by Electron Beam IrradiationPark, Hyo Ju; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE10
201812In silico-designed lignin peroxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium shows enhanced acid stability for depolymerization of ligninLe Thanh Mai Pham; Seo, Hogyun; Kim, Kyung-Jin, et alARTICLE10
201812Discovery of an X-ray nebula in the field of millisecond pulsar PSRJ1911-1114Lee, Jongsu; Hui, C. Y.; Takata, J., et alARTICLE0
201812Binary N,S-doped carbon nanospheres from bio-inspired artificial melanosomes: A route to efficient air electrodes for seawater batteriesKhan, Ziyauddin; Park, Sung O.; Yang, Juchan, et alARTICLE10
201812A donor-acceptor semiconducting polymer with a random configuration for efficient, green-solvent-processable flexible solar cellsSon, Sung Yun; Kim, Jae Won; Lee, JooHyeon, et alARTICLE8
201812Multistable Thermal Actuators Via Multimaterial 4D PrintingJeong, Hoon Yeub; Lee, Eunseo; Ha, Sangho, et alARTICLE14
201812Predictive modeling for the cryogenic cooling condition of the hard turning processKim, Dong Min; Kim, Do Young; Banerjee, Nilanjan, et alARTICLE12
201812Search for Subsolar-Mass Ultracompact Binaries in Advanced LIGO’s First Observing RunKim, YM; LIGO Sci Collaboration; Virgo CollaborationARTICLE0
Showing results 91 to 100 of 16244