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201303Actin-based confinement of calcium responses during Shigella invasionNhieu, Guy Tran Van; Liu, Bing Kai; Zhang, Jie; Pierre, Fabienne; Prigent, Sylvie; Sansonetti, Philippe; Erneux, Christophe; Kim, Jung Kuk; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Dupont, Genevieve; Combettes, LaurentARTICLE409
201709Active colloids with collective mobility status and research opportunitiesZhang, Jie; Luijten, Erik; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Granick, SteveARTICLE190
201604Design and synthesis of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped porous carbon via two-dimensional interlayer confinement for a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteriesZhang, Jie; Yang, Zhanxu; Qiu, Jiyicheng; Lee, Hyun-WookARTICLE303
201604Directed Self-Assembly Pathways of Active Colloidal ClustersZhang, Jie; Yan, Jing; Granick, SteveARTICLE379
201209Janus and Multiblock Colloidal ParticlesChen, Qian; Yan, Jing; Zhang, Jie; Bae, Sung Chul; Granick, SteveARTICLE415
201707Janus Particle Synthesis, Assembly, and ApplicationZhang, Jie; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Granick, SteveARTICLE169
201508Machine learning assembly landscapes from particle tracking dataLong, Andrew W.; Zhang, Jie; Granick, Steve; Ferguson, Andrew L.ARTICLE210
201610Reconfiguring active particles by electrostatic imbalanceYan, Jing; Han, Ming; Zhang, Jie; Xu, Cong; Luijten, Erik; Granick, SteveARTICLE165
201605Targeting mitochondrial biogenesis to overcome drug resistance to MAPK inhibitorsZhang, Gao; Frederick, Dennie T.; Wu, Lawrence; Wei, Zhi; Krepler, Clemens; Srinivasan, Satish; Chae, Young Chan; Xu, Xiaowei; Choi, Harry; Dimwamwa, Elaida; Ope, Omotayo; Shannan, Batool; Basu, Devraj; Zhang, Dongmei; Guha, Manti; Xiao, Min; Randell, Sergio; Sproesser, Katrin; Xu, Wei; Liu, Jephrey; Karakousis, Giorgos C.; Schuchter, Lynn M.; Gangadhar, Tara C.; Amaravadi, Ravi K.; Gu, Mengnan; Xu, Caiyue; Ghosh, Abheek; Xu, Weiting; Tian, Tian; Zhang, Jie; Zha, Shijie; Liu, Qin; Brafford, Patricia; Weeraratna, Ashani; Davies, Michael A.; Wargo, Jennifer A.; Avadhani, Narayan G.; Lu, Yiling; Mills, Gordon B.; Altieri, Dario C.; Flaherty, Keith T.; Herlyn, MeenhardARTICLE212
201504Toward design rules of directional janus colloidal assemblyZhang, Jie; Luijten, Erik; Granick, SteveARTICLE525
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10