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201211A Closed-Form Power Allocation and Signal Alignment for a Diagonalized MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel With Linear ReceiversPark, Heesun; Yang, Hyun Jong; Chun, Joohwan; Adve, RavirajARTICLE344
201209Achievable Sum-Rate of MU-MIMO Cellular Two-Way Relay Channels: Lattice Code-Aided Linear PrecodingYang, Hyun Jong; Choi, Youngchol; Lee, Namyoon; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE338
201601Adaptive Overhearing in Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relay ChannelsLi, Chunguo; Yang, Hyun Jong; Sun, Fan; Cioffi, John; Yang, LuxiARTICLE418
201408Approximate closed-form energy efficient PA for MIMO relaying systems in the high snr regimeLi, Chunguo; Yang, Hyun Jong; Sun, Fan; Cioffi, John M.; Yang, LuxiARTICLE320
201111Asymptotic Capacity of the Separated MIMO Two-Way Relay ChannelYang, Hyun Jong; Chun, Joohwan; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE262
2017-02Asynchronous Multiple-Access for Low-Latency Communications and Related WaveformsYang, Hyun Jong; Park, WoojinMaster's thesis47
201012Blind Calibration for a Linear Array With Gain and Phase Error Using Independent Component AnalysisKim, Jungtai; Yang, Hyun Jong; Jung, Byung Wook; Chun, JoohwanARTICLE268
201202Codebook-Based Lattice-Reduction-Aided Precoding for Limited-Feedback Coded MIMO SystemsYang, Hyun Jong; Chun, Joohwan; Choi, Youngchol; Kim, Sungsoo; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE277
201406Codebook-based opportunistic interference alignmentYang, Hyun Jong; Jung, Bang Chul; Shin, Won-Yong; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE313
201306Distributed Sum-Rate Optimization for Full-Duplex MIMO System Under Limited Dynamic RangeKim, Tae Min; Yang, Hyun Jong; Paulraj, Arogyaswami J.ARTICLE258
201201Low-angle tracking of two objects in a three-dimensional beamspace domainKim, J.; Yang, Hyun Jong; Kwak, N.ARTICLE271
201507MIMO Full-Duplex 기술 동향Yang, Hyun JongARTICLE238
201706Min-SINR Maximization with DL SWIPT and UL WPCN in Multi-Antenna Interference NetworksKim, Myeung Un; Yang, Hyun JongARTICLE70
201008Modified High-Order PAMs for Binary Coded Physical-Layer Network CodingYang, Hyun Jong; Choi, Youngchol; Chun, JoohwanARTICLE252
201605Multiuser Overhearing for Cooperative Two-Way Multiantenna RelaysLi, Chunguo; Yang, Hyun Jong; Sun, Fan; Cioffi, John M.; Yang, LuxiARTICLE151
201611On the Degrees of Freedom of the Large-Scale Interfering Two-Way Relay NetworkYang, Hyun Jong; Shin, Won-Yong; Jung, Bang ChulARTICLE98
201703Opportunistic Downlink Interference Alignment for Multi-Cell MIMO NetworksYang, Hyun Jong; Shin, Won-Yong; Jung, Bang Chul; Suh, Changho; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE141
201305Opportunistic Interference Alignment for MIMO Interfering Multiple-Access ChannelsYang, Hyun Jong; Shin, Won-Yong; Jung, Bang Chul; Paulraj, ArogyaswamiARTICLE305
201708Opportunistic Network Decoupling with Virtual Full-Duplex Operation in Multi-Source Interfering Relay NetworksShin, Won-Yong; Mai, Vien V.; Jung, Bang Chul; Yang, Hyun JongARTICLE99
201708Optimal Multiuser Diversity in Multi-Cell MIMO Uplink Networks: User Scaling Law and Beamforming DesignJung, Bang Chul; Kim, Su Min; Shin, Won-Yong; Yang, Hyun JongARTICLE56
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26