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201603Binding of Transcription Factors Adapts to Resolve Information-Energy TradeoffSavir, Yonatan; Kagan, Jacob; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE366
201811Catalytic enzymes are active matterJee, Ah-Young; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Granick, Steve; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE20
201605Comment on "ribosome utilizes the minimum free energy changes to achieve the highest decoding rate and fidelity"Savir, Yonatan; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE283
201801Enzyme leaps fuel antichemotaxisJee, Ah-Young; Dutta, Sandipan; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Tlusty, Tsvi; Granick, SteveARTICLE253
201503Evolution of Bow-Tie Architectures in BiologyFriedlander, Tamar; Mayo, Avraham E.; Tlusty, Tsvi; Alon, UriARTICLE270
201805Green function of correlated genes in a minimal mechanical model of protein evolutionDutta, Sandipan; Eckmann, Jean-Pierre; Libchaber, Albert; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE210
201801Lossless Brownian Information EnginePaneru, Govind; Lee, Dong Yun; Tlusty, Tsvi; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE354
201706Physical Model of the Genotype-to-Phenotype Map of ProteinsTlusty, Tsvi; Libchaber, Albert; Eckmann, Jean-PierreARTICLE171
201603Self-referring DNA and protein: a remark on physical and geometrical aspectsTlusty, TsviARTICLE342
201610Strain analysis of protein structures and low dimensionality of mechanical allosteric couplingsMitchell, Michael R.; Tlusty, Tsvi; Leibler, StanislasARTICLE215
201709Two-dimensional flow of driven particles: a microfluidic pathway to the non-equilibrium frontierBeatus, Tsevi; Shani, Itamar; Bar-Ziv, Roy H.; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE197
201602Where Two Are Fighting, the Third Wins: Stronger Selection Facilitates Greater Polymorphism in Traits Conferring Competition-Dispersal TradeoffsTlusty, Tsvi; (Lampert, AdamARTICLE293
201804Widom Delta of Supercritical Gas-Liquid CoexistenceHa, Min Young; Yoon, Tae Jun; Tlusty, Tsvi; Jho, Yongseok; Lee, Won BoARTICLE74
201809Will biologists become computer scientists? A truly interdisciplinary effort by computer scientists and biologists to understand how cells process information may yield new insights for both fieldsCondon, Anne; Kirchner, Helene; Lariviere, Damien; Marshall, Wallace; Noireaux, Vincent; Tlusty, Tsvi; Fourmentin, EricARTICLE22
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14