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201210A chemical precursor for depositing Sb2S3 onto mesoporous TiO2 layers in nonaqueous media and its application to solar cellsMaiti, Nilkamal; Im, Sang Hyuk; Lim, Choong-Sun; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE375
201808A fluorene-terminated hole-transporting material for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cellsJeon, Nam Joong; Na, Hyejin; Jung, Eui Hyuk; Yang, Tae-Youl; Lee, Yong Guk; Kim, Geunjin; Shin, Hee-Won; Seok, Sang Il; Lee, Jaemin; Seo, JangwonARTICLE0
201803A Low‐Temperature Thin‐Film Encapsulation for Enhanced Stability of a Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar CellLee, Young Il; Jeon, Nam Joong; Kim, Bong Ju; Shim, Hyunjeong; Yang, Tae-Youl; Seok, Sang Il; Seo, Jangwon; Im, Sung GapARTICLE155
200312A novel synthesis of indium phosphide nanoparticlesKhanna, PK; Eum, MS; Jun, Ki-Won; Baeg, Jin-Ook; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE324
201610A pyrazolyl-based thiolato single-source precursor for the selective synthesis of isotropic copper-deficient copper(I) sulfide nanocrystals: synthesis, optical and photocatalytic activityMondal, Gopinath; Santra, Ananyakumari; Bera, Pradip; Acharjya, Moumita; Jana, Sumanta; Chattopadhyay, Dipankar; Mondal, Anup; Seok, Sang Il; Bera, PulakeshARTICLE217
201211Air-stable and efficient inorganic-organic heterojunction solar cells using PbS colloidal quantum dots co-capped by 1-dodecanethiol and oleic acidKim, Sungwoo; Im, Sang Hyuk; Kang, Meejae; Heo, Jin Hyuck; Seok, Sang Il; Kim, Sang-Wook; Mora-Sero, Ivan; Bisquert, JuanARTICLE482
201110All solid state multiply layered PbS colloidal quantum-dot-sensitized photovoltaic cellsIm, Sang Hyuk; Kim, Hi-jung; Kim, Sung Woo; Kim, Sang-Wook; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE305
201710Analysis of crystalline phases and integration modelling of charge quenching yields in hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cell materialsPark, Byung-Wook; Zhang, Xiaoliang; Johansson, Erik M.J.; Hagfeldt, Andres; Boschloo. Gerrit; Seok, Sang Il; Edvinsson, TomasARTICLE122
200608Annealing effect on photoluminescence properties of Er doped Al2O3-SiO2 sol-gel filmsKwon, Jeong Oh; Seok, Sang Il; Jung, DongwoonARTICLE371
2018-08Atmospheric dependence on efficiency of perovskite solar cells fabricated with Zn2SnO4 electrodeSeok, Sang Il; Paik, MinjaeMaster's thesis46
201110Bandgap engineered monodisperse and stable mercury telluride quantum dots and their application for near-infrared photodetectionKim, Sungwoo; Kim, Taehoon; Im, Sang Hyuk; Seok, Sang Il; Kim, Kang Wook; Kim, Sungjee; Kim, Sang-WookARTICLE328
201408Benefits of very thin PCBM and LiF layers for solution-processed p-i-n perovskite solar cellsSeo, Jangwon; Park, Sangman; Kim, Young Chan; Jeon, Nam Joong; Noh, Jun Hong; Yoon, Sung Cheol; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE112
201005CdS or CdSe decorated TiO2 nanotube arrays from spray pyrolysis deposition: use in photoelectrochemical cellsShin, Kahee; Seok, Sang Il; Im, Sang Hyuk; Park, Jong HyeokARTICLE322
200807CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells exceeding efficiency 1% at full-sun intensityLee, Hyo Joong; Yum, Jun-Ho; Leventis, Henry C.; Zakeeruddin, Shaik M.; Haque, Saif A.; Chen, Peter; Seok, Sang Il; Graetzel, Michael; Nazeeruddin, Md. K.ARTICLE360
201206CdSe-sensitized inorganic-organic heterojunction solar cells: The effect of molecular dipole interface modification and surface passivationLee, Yong Hui; Im, Sang Hyuk; Chang, Jeong Ah; Lee, Jong-Heun; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE363
201106CdSe-sensitized Photoelectrochemical Solar Cell Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Deposition MethodIm, Sang Hyuk; Lee, Yong Hui; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE350
201809Challenges for commercializing perovskite solar cellsRong, Yaoguang; Hu, Yue; Mei, Anyi; Tan, Hairen; Saidaminov, Makhsud I.; Seok, Sang Il; McGehee, Michael D.; Sargent, Edward H.; Han, HongweiARTICLE148
201304Chemical Management for Colorful, Efficient, and Stable Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Nanostructured Solar CellsNoh, Jun Hong; Im, Sang Hyuk; Heo, Jin Hyuck; Mandal, Tarak N.; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE323
200511Colloidal synthesis of octahedral shaped PbSe nanocrystals from lead oleate and Se : Temperature effectGokarna, Anisha; Jung, Ki-Won; Khanna, PK; Baeg, Jin-Ook; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE379
201006Colloidal TiO2 nanocrystals prepared from peroxotitanium complex solutions: Phase evolution from different precursorsSeok, Sang Il; Vithal, Muga; Chang, Jeong AhARTICLE292
Showing results 1 to 20 of 148