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200805Analysis of ultrafast relaxation in photoexcited DNA base pairs of adenine and thymineSamoylova, E.; Schultz, Thomas; Hertel, I.V.; Radloff, W.ARTICLE431
201502CRASY: Correlated rotational alignment spectroscopy reveals atomic scrambling in ionic states of butadieneSchroter, Christian; Choi, Chang Min; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE339
201108CRASY: Mass- or Electron-Correlated Rotational Alignment SpectroscopySchroeter, Christian; Kosma, Kyriaki; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE452
200403Direct observation of electronic relaxation dynamics in adenine via time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopyUllrich, S.; Schultz, Thomas; Zgierski, M.Z.; Stolow, A.ARTICLE291
200102Dynamics of excited-state proton transfer systems via time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopyLochbrunner, S; Schultz, Thomas; Schmitt, M; Shaffer, JP; Zgierski, MZ; Stolow, AARTICLE315
200502Dynamics of photoinduced processes in adenine and thymine base pairsSamoylova, E.; Lippert, H.; Ullrich, S.; Hertel, I.V.; Radloff, W.; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE311
200412Efficient deactivation of a model base pair via excited-state hydrogen transferSchultz, Thomas; Samoylova, E.; Radloff, W.; Hertel, I.V.; Sobolewski, A.L.; Domcke, W.ARTICLE290
201302Electrokinetic Charging and Evidence for Charge Evaporation in Liquid Microjets of Aqueous Salt SolutionPreissler, Natalie; Buchner, Franziska; Schultz, Thomas; Luebcke, AndreaARTICLE271
200405Electronic relaxation dynamics in DNA and RNA bases studied by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopyUllrich, S; Schultz, Thomas; Zgierski, MZ; Stolow, AARTICLE308
200711Electronic structure of adenine and thymine base pairs studied by femtosecond electron-ion coincidence spectroscopyGador, Niklas; Samoylova, Elena; Smith, Valoris Reid; Stolow, Albert; Rayner, David M.; Radloff, Wolfgang; Hertel, Ingolf Volker; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE279
201009Excimer states in microhydrated adenine clustersSmith, V. R.; Samoylova, E.; Ritze, H. -H.; Radloff, W.; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE321
2006Excited state dynamics and fragmentation channels of the protonated dipeptide H2N-Leu-Trp-COOHNolting, Dirk; Schultz, Thomas; Hertel, I. V.; Weinkauf, RainerARTICLE374
201804Excited state non-adiabatic dynamics of the smallest polyene, trans 1, 3-butadiene. I. Time-resolved photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopyBoguslavskiy, Andrey E.; Schalk, Oliver; Gador, Niklas; Glover, William J.; Mori, Toshifumi; Schultz, Thomas; Schuurman, Michael S.; Martínez, Todd J.; Stolow, AlbertARTICLE55
2005Excited-state decay of hydrocarbon radicals, investigated by femtosecond time-resolved photoionization: Ethyl, propargyl, and benzylZierhut, M; Noller, B; Schultz, Thomas; Fischer, IARTICLE398
2009Excited-State Dynamics of Cytosine TautomersKosma, Kyriaki; Schroeter, Christian; Samoylova, Elena; Hertel, Ingolf Volker; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE312
2009Excited-state lifetime of propadienylidene, 1-C3H2Noller, Bastian; Margraf, Markus; Schroeter, Christian; Schultz, Thomas; Fischer, IngoARTICLE336
200704Excited-state relaxation of protonated adenineNolting, Dirk; Weinkauf, Rainer; Hertel, I.V.; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE332
201805Femtosecond laser-induced dissociation (fs-LID) as an activation method in mass spectrometryNeidel, Christian; Kuehn, Andreas; Schulz, Claus Peter; Hertel, Ingolf V.; Linscheid, Michael W.; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE71
199701Generation of tunable visible and near-IR light from 2.5 ps, high-power Ti:sapphire pulses by Raman shifting in hydrogenFischer, I; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE332
201805Mass-correlated rotational Raman spectra with high resolution, broad bandwidth, and absolute frequency accuracySchroter, Christian; Lee, Jong Chan; Schultz, ThomasARTICLE65
Showing results 1 to 20 of 40