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2016-02A Study on Multifunctional Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites with Controlled Interphase by Metal Oxide NanostructuresPark, Hyung Wook; Kong, KyungilDoctoral thesis442
201301Biological Aging and Social Characteristics: Gerontology, the Baltimore City Hospitals, and the National Institutes of HealthPark, Hyung WookARTICLE270
201503Carbon-Nanomaterial-Reinforced Spread-Tow Carbon fiber/polypropylene compositesKim, Byung Joo; Deka, Biplab K.; Kim, Hyun Gu; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Bae, iljunARTICLE339
2009Characterising the topography of a micro-grinding wheelPark, Hyung Wook; Liang S.Y.; Youn J.-W.ARTICLE266
2017-02Characterization for enhanced mechanical properties and energy storage performance of tin oxide nanorods-carbon fiber compositesPark, Hyung Wook; Kwon, OBumMaster's thesis102
201604Characterization of resistive heating and thermoelectric behavior of discontinuous carbon fiber-epoxy compositesKim, Myungsoo; Sung, Dae Han; Kong, Kyungil; Kim, Nari; Kim, Byeong-Joo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Jung, Mooyoung; Lee, Sang Hwan; Kim, Su GiARTICLE293
201605Characterization of thermoelectric properties of multifunctional multiscale composites and fiber-reinforced composites for thermal energy harvestingSung, Dae Han; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kong, Kyungul; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-BinARTICLE272
201502Controlled growth of CuO nanowires on woven carbon fibers and effects on the mechanical properties of woven carbon fiber/polyester compositesDeka, Biplab K.; Kong, Kyungil; Seo, Jaewoo; Kim, DoYoung; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE353
201412Corrosion inhibition and surface hardening of KP1 and KP4 mold steels using pulsed electron beam treatmentKim, Jisoo; Park, Sung Soo; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE437
201208Critical heat flux characteristics of nanofluids based on exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnPs)Park, Eun Ju; Park, Sung Dae; Bang, In Cheol; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE466
201302Current research trends in external energy assisted machiningJeon, Yongho; Park, Hyung Wook; Lee, Choon ManARTICLE318
201006Design and dynamic analysis of an arch-type desktop reconfigurable machineSon, Hungsun; Choi, Hae-Jin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE302
2012Design, manufacturing, and characterization of high-performance lightweight bipolar plates based on carbon nanotube-exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet hybrid nanocompositesKim, Myungsoo; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Yeon Ho; Yoon, Kwan HanARTICLE307
200906Development of a micro/meso-tool clamp using a shape memory alloy for applications in micro-spindle unitsShin, Woo-Cheol; Ro, Seung-Kook; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Jong-KweonARTICLE345
201206Development of a multiscale machining compound mesoscale machine tool (MMT) platformKong, Kyungil; Kim, Hyun Myung; Kim, Dong Min; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE371
2015-02Development of the thermo-mechanical finite element model of the rotating unitsPark, Hyung Wook; Seo, Jae WooMaster's thesis532
201508Effect of CuO nanostructure morphology on the mechanical properties of CuO/woven carbon fiber/vinyl ester compositesKong, Kyungil; Deka, Biplab K.; Seo, Jae Woo; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE368
201606Electrical thermal heating and piezoresistive characteristics of hybrid CuO-woven carbon fiber/vinyl ester composite laminatesKong, Kyungil; Cheedarala, Ravi Kumar; Kim, Myungsoo; Roh, Hyung-Doh; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE355
201307Electromagnetic interference shielding of composites consisting of a polyester matrix and carbon nanotube-coated fiber reinforcementGnidakouong, Joel Renaud Ngouanom; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Jeong, Ho Soon; Jung, Young Bok; Ahn, Sung Kyu; Han, Kyungsik; Park, Joung-ManARTICLE362
201312Electromechanical strain sensing using polycarbonate-impregnated carbon nanotube-graphene nanoplatelet hybrid composite sheetsHwang, Sang-Ha; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Um, Moon-Kwang; Byun, Joon-Hyung; Kwon, SoonjoARTICLE335
Showing results 1 to 20 of 85