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201511Acute loss of TET function results in aggressive myeloid cancer in miceAn, Jungeun; González-Avalos, E.; Chawla, Ashu; Jeong, Mira; López-Moyado, Isaac F.; Li, Wei; Goodell, Margaret A.; Chavez, Lukas; Ko, Myunggon; Rao, AnjanaARTICLE378
201701Controlling the Thickness of Thermally Expanded Films of Graphene OxideChen, Xianjue; Li, Wei; Luo, Da; Huang, Ming; Wu, Xiaozhong; Huang, Yuan; Lee, Sun Hwa; Chen, Xiong; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE133
201609DNMT3A and TET2 compete and cooperate to repress lineage-specific transcription factors in hematopoietic stem cellsZhang, Xiaotian; Su, Jianzhong; Jeong, Mira; Ko, Myunggon; Huang, Yun; Park, Hyun Jung; Guzman, Anna; Lei, Yong; Huang, Yung-Hsin; Rao, Anjana; Li, Wei; Goodall, Margaret A.ARTICLE296
200305Electronic band structure and photocatalytic activity of Ln(2)Ti(2)O(7) (Ln = La, Pr, Nd)Hwang, Dong Won; Lee, Jae Sung; Li, Wei; Oh, Se HyukARTICLE348
200607Fabrication of CdS/TiO2 nano-bulk composite photocatalysts for hydrogen production from aqueous H2S solution under visible lightJang, Jum Suk; Li, Wei; Oh, Se Hyuk; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE287
201802Folding Graphene Film Yields High Areal Energy Storage in Lithium-Ion BatteriesWang, Bin; Ryu, Jaegeon; Choi, Sungho; Song, Gyujin; Hong, Dongki; Hwang, Chihyun; Chen, Xiong; Wang, Bo; Li, Wei; Song, Hyun-Kon; Park, Soojin; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE106
201401Large conserved domains of low DNA methylation maintained by 5-hydroxymethycytosine and Dnmt3aJeong, Mira; Sun, Deqiang; Luo, Min; Huang, Yun; Challen, Grant A; Rodriguez, Benjamin; Zhang, Xiaotian; Chavez, Lukas; Wang, Hui; Hannah, Rebecca; Kim, Sang-Bae; Yang, Liubin; Ko, Myung Gon; Chen, Rui; Gottgens, Berthold; Lee, Ju-Seog; Gunaratne, Preethi; Godley, LA; Darlington, GJ; Rao, Anjana; Li, Wei; Goodell, Margaret AARTICLE332
200502Photocatalytic hydrogen production from water over m-doped La2Ti2O7 (M = Cr, Fe) under visible light irradiation (lambda > 420 nm)Hwang, Dong Won; Kirn, Hyun Gyu; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, Jindo Kim; Li, Wei; Oh, Se HyukARTICLE442
200608Photocatalytic Ohmic layered nanocomposite for efficient utilization of visible light photonsKim, Hyun Gyu; Jeong, Euh Duck; Borse, Pramod H.; Jeon, Seongho; Yong, Kijung; Lee, Jae Sung; Li, Wei; Oh, Se H.ARTICLE304
201605Rapid thermal decomposition of confined graphene oxide films in airChen, Xianjue; Meng, Dongli; Wang, Bin; Li, Bao-Wen; Li, Wei; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE454
201709Structural insights into hydrogenated graphite prepared from fluorinated graphite through Birch−type reductionZhang, Xu; Goossens, Karel; Li, Wei; Chen, Xianjue; Chen, Xiong; Saxena, Manav; Lee, Sun Hwa; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE1242
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11