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201408An immunoassay utilizing dna-coated cage protein as a signal generatorHoang, Hoa T.; Le, Hoa Thi; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Ahn, Hyung Jun; Kim, Tae Woo; Shin, Mee Ran; Ahn, Dae-RoARTICLE346
201305An immunoassay utilizing the DNA-coated polydiacetylene micelles as a signal generatorHoang, Hoa Thi; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Han, Ki-Cheol; Ahn, Dae-RoARTICLE375
201111Carbon-based layer-by-layer nanostructures: from films to hollow capsulesHong, Jinkee; Han, Jung Yeon; Yoon, Hyunsik; Joo, Piljae; Lee, Taemin; Seo, Eunyong; Char, Kookheon; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE363
2013-02Chemically Modified Graphene Nanosheets for Highly Efficient Energy Storage and Conversion SystemsKim, Byeong-Su; Lee, TaeminMaster's thesis467
201503Correction: Utilizing the bioorthogonal base-pairing system of L-DNA to design ideal DNA nanocarriers for enhanced delivery of nucleic acid cargos (vol 5, pg 1533, 2014)Kim, Kyoung-Ran; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Ahn, Dae-RoARTICLE365
201312Covalent functionalization based heteroatom doped graphene nanosheet as a metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reactionPark, Minju; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE481
201809Diffusion controlled multilayer electrocatalysts via sized graphene oxide nanosheetsGu, Minsu; Choi, Jaewon; Lee, Taemin; Park, Minju; Shin, Ik-Soo; Hong, Jinkee; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE33
201303Drug delivery by a self-assembled DNA tetrahedron for overcoming drug resistance in breast cancer cellsKim, Kyoung-Ran; Kim, Da-Rae; Lee, Taemin; Yhee, Ji Young; Kim, Byeong-Su; Kwon, Ick Chan; Ahn, Dae-RoARTICLE603
201406Electrospun nanofiber of hybrid manganese oxides for supercapacitor: Relevance to mixed inorganic interfacesLee, Eunhee; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE350
201309Facile synthesis of hybrid graphene and carbon nanotubes as a metal-free electrocatalyst with active dual interfaces for efficient oxygen reduction reactionLee, Jang-Soo; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Yun, Taeyeong; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE423
201609Flexible Textile Strain Wireless Sensor Functionalized with Hybrid Carbon Nanomaterials Supported ZnO Nanowires with Controlled Aspect RatioLee, Taemin; Lee, Wonoh; Kim, Sung-Woo; Kim, Jae Joon; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE367
201311Highly Tunable Aptasensing Microarrays with Graphene Oxide MultilayersJung, Yun Kyung; Lee, Taemin; Shin, Eeseul; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE453
201210Hybrid multilayer thin film supercapacitor of graphene nanosheets with polyaniline: importance of establishing intimate electronic contact through nanoscale blendingLee, Taemin; Yun, Taeyeong; Park, Byeongho; Sharma, Bhawana; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE500
201201Interfacing Living Yeast Cells with Graphene Oxide NanosheathsYang, Sung Ho; Lee, Taemin; Seo, Eunyong; Ko, Eun Hyea; Choi, Insung S.; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE348
201110Ionic liquid modified graphene nanosheets anchoring manganese oxide nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalysts for Zn-air batteriesLee, Jang-Soo; Lee, Taemin; Song, Hyun-Kon; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE474
201401Kinetically enhanced pseudocapacitance of conducting polymer doped with reduced graphene oxide through a miscible electron transfer interfacePark, Han-Saem; Lee, Myeong-Hee; Hwang, RyeoYun; Park, Ok-Kyung; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE526
201505Layer-by-Layer Assembly for Graphene-based Multilayer Nanocomposites: Synthesis and ApplicationsLee, Taemin; Min, Sa Hoon; Gu, Minsu; Jung, Yun Kyung; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE361
201701Layer-by-Layer Assembly for Graphene-Based Multilayer Nanocomposites: The Field ManualAhn, Eungjin; Lee, Taemin; Gu, Minsu; Park, Minju; Min, Sa Hoon; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE211
201310Layer-by-Layer Assembly를 이용한 그래핀 나노복합체 제조 및 전기화학적 활성소재 응용Lee, Taemin; Gu, Minsu; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE637
201405Mussel-inspired nitrogen-doped graphene nanosheet supported manganese oxide nanowires as highly efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reactionLee, Taemin; Jeon, Eun Kyung; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE392
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28